Why is it required to check yourself regularly

Even though many people are treating their health with indifference, it shouldn’t be your case. Periodical health screenings along with your usual annual check-ups are a must no matter what your excuse is. There are plenty of disease types out there that you may not be aware of, that have absolutely no symptoms and simply grow inside your body. It is much convenient and efficient to check yourself up early enough and avoid complications rather than spend your money on expensive treatments and further consultations. Sites like bluecresthealthscreening.co.uk can help you understand better why are screening so important. Here are some tips for maintaining an overall good health:



If you don’t know already, cholesterol is the substance that covers all the parts of your body, helping it to produce cell membranes, hormones or vitamin D. Now, how is this substance produces and assimilated by our bodies? The answer is short: diet and liver. Absolutely everything you are eating along with the production of your liver will influence your cholesterol levels, which are going to be transported in the bloodstream. The health screening regarding cholesterol is made with the help of a blood test. If you find out that your cholesterol levels are too high, then you should acknowledge the fact that you will be much easier exposed to cardiovascular diseases, although they are not related directly.

Faecal occult with blood

This is one of the early signs of colorectal cancer. In case you already experienced this issue, a microscopic analysis or some chemical tests for haemoglobin are paramount. You cannot simply ignore the signs your body gives and a cancerous growth is a life or death matter. Not treating it at the right time can have serious consequences and this is the reason why testing is recommended. If you already passed the age of 40, you should focus more on these kinds of health screenings. Learning more about health screenings can help you understand how big the impact of a disease can be upon your life.

Pap smears

Cervix cancer started to be more popular than anyone would wish. This is the reason why Pap smears can save a woman’s life. Cellular changes can be observed by performing this simple test. It is recommended to opt for this health screening test when you are sexually active and over the age of 20 years. This is the age when you will need to start appointing check-ups with your doctor every year to prevent the progression of cancer.

Diabetes and pre-diabetes

After you reached the age of forty, doctors from all around the world recommended a screening for diabetes/pre-diabetes, no matter your weight. Of course, if there are other factors that could raise questions such as overweight or obese cases then you will definitely need to make an appointment for this check-up even earlier. If you see any kind of changes in your body that could represent reasons to worry, take your phone and set up an appointment with your doctor. He will know what to do and where to guide you.