What types of artificial turf are there available?


Did you know that artificial turf can improve the value of your home? Of courses, you did. Otherwise, you would not be thinking of having synthetic grass installed. But that is not the reason why you have decided to go on with this kind of project. The reason why you chose artificial turf is that you do not have time for maintenance and you want your kids and pets to enjoy a safe surface. Just for your knowledge, there are different types of artificial turf available. Please continue reading to find out more.


An Edinburgh artificial turf supplier Evermore will be able to tell you that nylon is the most durable type available. Nylon is commonly referred to as Astroturf. Unlike other types of faux grass, it is able to maintain its original shape. Regardless of how many traffic it is subjected to, the Astroturf will not lose its shape, which is why it is an excellent choice. During recent years, friendly types of have been introduced. What is remarkable about these products is the fact that they can withstand high temperatures. If you have a nylon artificial turf installed, you and your family will be able to enjoy it for a lifetime. You have to dig deep into your pockets to take advantage of Astroturf.


Do not worry if you cannot pronounce this word. What is important is for you to know that Polypropylene is a type of faux turf that has a very soft texture. Many say that the texture is very similar to that of Astroturf. Anyway, it is a very affordable option for homeowners like yourself. As you can imagine, it is the preferred choice of homeowners. Many businesses make use of this synthetic surface as well. Just because Polypropylene is inexpensive, does this mean that it is useless? No. it is just as appealing as the price. To be more precise, rubber infill determine the blades of the synthetic surface to stay upright without folding. The grass has a natural look. Even if Polypropylene is not the most durable product, at least it can resist foot weight.


Polyethylene is the last type of artificial turf in the list. What makes this one so special? Probably the fact that it looks and feels like the real deal. You would be tempted to think that it is actually real. But this is available for all fake turfs.  It is worth mentioning that Polyethylene is long-lasting. The thing is that it costs more. What can you do? Rarely can you find inexpensive products at low prices. If you are determined to make a home improvement, pay a little bit more. Polyethylene grass only requires brushing once in a blue moon.

What is the difference between these types of artificial turf? The contrariness is the result of the infill material and its depth.  Do not rush into things. Discuss with the artificial turf supplier and ask what option is the best one for your home. Only an expert can clear things up.

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