What to look for in a family car

Once you get married and have children, buying a car is no longer just a matter of personal preference. Because the entire family will be using it, you must look beyond design and top speed and choose something functional that everyone can enjoy. Contrary to common belief, there are many amazing, high performance cars that don’t cost a lot of money and that are still suitable for family life. This way, you can satisfy your love for automobiles and still provide a functional additional to your household. Here are the main things you should be looking at when buying a new family car.


Lots of space

When you’re no longer single and your car needs to fit three people or more and all their stuff, a regular car just won’t do. You need to buy something that’s spacious enough so that everyone can sit comfortably and still have plenty of room for luggage in case you’re going on a road trip. An SUV would be the best option for you in this regard. If you want some specific suggestions, then check out Edmunds opinion on the 2017 Ford Explorer, because you’ll find out some interesting things about what this new vehicle can do.


Safety features

If you have kids, it’s normal to want the best for them and drive them to school in a car that offers maximum safety and reduces the risk of harm in case of accidents. More specifically, you have to look for a car that has side-mounted airbags, traction control, antilock brakes and electronic stability control. The doors also need to have a mechanism for accidental opening and the car as a whole must be reliable and offer a comfortable ride.


Suited for your family’s needs

Not every family is the safe. While some parents need a car just to go to work, shopping and take the kids to school, other families are more active and need a vehicle to go on long family road trips. When asking your dealer about the perfect car, don’t forget to take into account your particular needs. Technical specs are important, but you shouldn’t look just at what’s under the hood. Remember that you will be keeping that vehicle for years, so you should make sure it’s right for your long term needs. Ask your spouse about it and if your kids are big enough, you should also value their opinion as well.