Vanity Table Organizing Tricks

The bedroom is always neat and tidy, but the one thing that usually ruins the whole appearance of this room is the vanity table.
Most women tend to clutter their vanity tables by not organizing their beauty products, jewelry, and styling items properly, and this can be a real problem in the morning when there isn’t much time to waste on preparing for work because you might not find what you need on time.
Let this be a problem of the past by applying the following tricks to organizing the vanity table, and you can finally have the entire bedroom look tidy by doing this as well.

What to place on the vanity table

On the surface of the vanity table you should place your brushes neatly to have easy access to them at all times, and to be able to see clearly which is the one you need.
They don’t take up much space anyway, no matter how many brushes you have, therefore don’t be afraid to place them strategically for better use.
On the vanity table, in full display, you should place hair products as well. This way you will have a better idea on how to style your hair for the day to come, and you will know exactly what products you have at your disposal.

Jewelry boxes

Jewelry most probably tends to clutter vanity tables the most, because all women want them on display to know what jewelry set will go best with their attire, and to see their options more easily.
Instead of letting piles of jewelry clutter it up, it’s better to place them in jewelry boxes, saving a lot more space by doing this, and protecting them as well.
To have an even easier decision on what accessories to wear, you could place all the jewelry boxes filled with jewelry you wear on special occasions on one side of the table, and jewelry boxes that have jewelry you use on a daily basis on the other side of the table.

Use the cabinets wisely

No matter if you have two small cabinets, or you have more and bigger cabinets, you should use them wisely in order to organize the table in a perfect way.
If you have only two cabinets on your vanity table, use one of them to store all your makeup products, and use the other one for styling and beauty devices, like the flat iron or the waxing machine.
If you are lucky and the vanity table has more cabinets, you can store the makeup on one side according to how often you use those products, or by dividing them into separate categories, and you can use the cabinets on the opposite side to place the styling devices separate from other beauty and care devices and items you have.
By doing this, you won’t ever look frenetically for the flat iron whenever you have a bad hair day, and you won’t have to go out without any foundation because you misplaced it.

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