Ultimate Toaster Oven Buying Guide

Everyone enjoys the smell of toast in the morning, but with the toaster oven you have more possibilities when it comes to cooking than with the traditional two-slice toaster. For example, with the toaster oven you can brown and toast garlic bread, pizza, bagels, and pretty much any type of bread product. In addition, you can reheat or warm your pizza leftovers without making them feel soggy like they would be if you were to heat them in the microwave.
If you want to buy this appliance for yourself, but you don’t know what you should look for exactly, read the following lines and everything you need to know about toaster ovens will be explained in detail, making your decision when you go shopping a lot easier.

Types of toaster ovens

The available types of toaster ovens are standard toaster ovens, convection toaster ovens, infrared toaster ovens, rotisserie toaster ovens, and last but not least, combination toaster ovens.
Standard toaster ovens toast between two and six slices of bread at a time, they have variable darkness settings, they have a thermostat control for the temperature in the oven, and they have timers for automatic shut-off.
Convection toaster ovens are capable to cook and brown evenly due to the fan they have that blows the heated air over the food while it’s cooking, they offer more choices when it comes to cooking, and they cook the food faster.
Infrared toaster ovens have the great advantage that they don’t need the food to be defrosted before cooking it, they eliminate the need for preheating, they transfer the heat directly into the food, and they are the biggest energy savers of all the toaster ovens.
Rotisserie toaster ovens pretty much do everything the other types of toaster models do, but they have an additional feature that is a real game changer, the rotisserie. With it you can serve perfectly done chicken at dinner without making a mess of the entire kitchen.
Combination toaster ovens are very straightforward about their capabilities, being a combination between convection toaster ovens and pop-up toasters.

Capacity and size

The capacity and size of the toaster oven determines how much counter space it will occupy, it will tell you how many slices it can fit in at once, and in the case of the rotisserie toaster ovens, it will tell you if you can place a whole chicken in it without having to worry about it’s size.
The best way to determine the capacity and size of a toaster oven is to either look at the cubic foot measurement for rotisserie toaster ovens, or to look for the slice capacity for the other types of toaster ovens.

Racks and pans

All toaster ovens come with at least one wire rack, the larger models having two wire racks, but what you need to look for to be sure that what you are buying is the best possible model is the option to move these racks in order to cook more things at once.
Another great feature of toaster ovens are the pans, because you can either use them to cook things that you don’t want to be placed directly on the wire rack, or you use them for broiling, baking and roasting, making the small appliance that is the toaster oven much more complex and useful.

Heating functions

The most common heating functions that you will definitely find on any toaster oven are the bake, toast and broil functions.
These now classic heating functions are being accompanied by other useful functions like roast, reheat, defrost, and cookies and pizza options.

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