Tips to planting fruit trees successfully

Few things can compare to picking a big, juicy apple from your own fruit tree and eating it on the spot. Whether you love apples, pears, cherries, plumbs or any other fruit, if you have some available space in your back garden, planting a few fruit trees will be very rewarding in just a few years. You can even order your fruit trees online, so rest assured that finding them will not be a problem. However, these are the main aspects you should know about planting fruit trees;

Leave enough space in between them

Although your space may be limited and you wish to plant as many trees as possible, if they don’t have enough room to grow properly and develop, chances are you will not obtain the results you were looking for. It is better to have two or three good trees that produce fruit, rather than having 6 trees which rarely produce any fruit. It is recommended that you at least leave an 8 feet gap between apple, pear or cherry trees, because they can grow quite large and they will all need light and room to grow properly.

Check if a pollinator is required

There are many fruit trees that are self-fertile, but you should still check if the trees you are about to buy will need a pollinator. Some types of plum, apple, cherry or pear trees will require a pollinator in order to bear fruit. With this in mind, a self-pollinating tree means that it will grow both male and female flowers, while for the tress that do not pollinate themselves you will most likely need to plant two tress of different varieties for cross-pollination.


At the beginning of their development you need to make sure that the top two inches of soil are permanently moist, As the tree grows deeper roots, you will have to water it less frequently. However, keep in mind that for crispy and juicy fruit, you will have to water it from time to time in the dry season. With this being said, the trees should be well-drained, because too much moisture is not good either.

Find out when the best time for planting is

You cannot plant trees anytime you want, you have to wait for the right conditions. Usually, the best time to plant them is in the spring and autumn, but depending on your region, the exact months might vary. The point is for them to draw enough water before the cold or hot seasons begin and for them to form stronger roots.

Managing pests

Many trees can be affected by various pests, which is why you will have to look for various products to protect them. Usually autumn and spring are the seasons where you will have to spray various substances in order to protect your trees. Keep in mind that most products will not necessarily influence the quality of the fruit. They are merely protecting the tree against various pests, so rest assured provided that you wash everything thoroughly they will be absolutely fine to eat.

Yard Maintenance