This Christmas change your approach. Handmade Christmas crafts will amaze your friends


When the topic of Christmas gifts occurs, many are more than thrilled to try their skills and create either amazing pieces of décor, either amazing gifts for their loved ones. However, many other individuals would rather spend enormous amounts of money for this purpose; let us tell you, this is not a great idea. Christmas should be about a certain atmosphere, a feeling, not about spending a lot of money to show your relatives and friends that you appreciate them. Because of this reason, we strongly encourage you to consider creating your own handmade Christmas crafts with leftover supplies, or even cheap generals store ones.  But if you need more ideas, continue reading below, because we have plenty of those.

1. Handmade Christmas present tags

You want your relatives to know that you are truly thoughtful? Then create special little tags, Christmas-themed ones, and you will surely impress them. You will need some hard cardboard, some general store rope, in a thin width, as well as Christmas-patterned and plain paper. Some adhesive will come in handy as well. Cut your cardboard into tag-like shapes (if you are unaware what that shape is, Google it), and poke some holes at one of their end. Then, glue the patterned paper onto them, and let it dry. To create the necessary space to write on your tag, make sure you glue on the top of that patterned paper, a plain, smaller piece. Tie your rope of the hole, and then attach it to your special present. An authentic craft that will please your relatives and friends.

2. Tin can ornaments

Cut tin cans in a small height, and paint them in vintage colours. Mint is a perfect one, and if you’d prefer, make sure you draw some patterns onto them. Stripes have a great effect, and if you have some glitter and adhesive, you can use them for creating the stripes. Simply apply the glue on the desired area, let it dry a little, until it becomes tacky and then sprinkle the glitter on the top. You can proceed with your project and by using a hot glue gun, you could glue in the middle of your cans a pinecone. Alternatively, follow the steps you need to glitter them as well.

3. Paper Christmas tree decorations

If you want to update your Christmas tree décor elements, don’t buy the, but create them with your children. For instance, a great idea would be to create multiple paper cones, in different colours, textures and patterns, and glue them together is a ball. Then attach a piece of string and decorate your tree with them. 

4. A sweet string of treats

Decorate your Christmas tree by tying on a ribbon, in a Christmas appropriate pattern, if possible, multiple candies and sweets, whatever your children prefer. Then, decorate your tree with them and let them enjoy the thrill.