The secret of personalising your student room

Moving to college is extremely exciting not only because you are starting a new stage in your life, but also because you manage to become independent and live on your own. Moving out from their parents’ home is something any teenager dreams about, but this comes with certain strings attached. To begin with, you need to search for the most suitable student accommodation options, then select the place that looks right for you and take care of that place, once it becomes your second home. In spite of the responsibility, you will also experience a nice feeling of ownership. Your room will become the place where you spend the most time relaxing or studying, while the living room is the spot where you throw unforgettable parties for your friends. For this reason, you need to make sure the location is furnished and decorated in such a way to reflect your personality and favourite activities. One of the highlights of your first day of college is definitely arranging your room. So here are some simple yet efficient tips you could implement, in order to obtain a space that is matching your personality:

Decorate the walls

Once you move to your student accommodation Lincoln, you will spend days deciding how to establish decoration patterns. If you seek dedicated advice from experts, they will tell you that the easiest yet efficient method to make a visible impact is to use the walls. If you cannot afford to re paint them, you can always use stickers. Cover one of the walls with a huge world map that you can use not only as wallpaper, but also to mark the places that you have already visited, using post its or colourful pins. This way, you get a great visual effect and an item that represents who you are, as well. The idea is extremely easy to implement, since maps can be found in book stores and they can also be printed.

Install cool book shelves

Whether you like it or not, your student life will be filled with learning materials and books. In order to avoid a complete mess in your room, try to keep all these organised using creative shelves and racking systems. Whether you hang a rack from the ceiling or you use a traditional book case, add a touch of innovation that reflects your personality. Arrange the items by colour, place small decorations around them and combine several objects to obtain a unique result.

Find creative storage solutions

No matter where you are going to live, you will encounter one major problem: storage. Since you will no longer have your parents’ garage or basement, you must find another solution for storing stuff. This does not make the task impossible, as long as you are creative enough: place boxes under the bed, add some more racking units and purchase nice baskets for clothes and laundry. This way, you will keep everything in its place and avoid a cluttered room.


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