The many types of ribbons – what to choose

Ribbons are considered one of the oldest materials that people use for adornment and decoration. This material has been used ever since Ancient Egypt, when people embellished tunics with some sort of narrow bands of fabric. There are several types of ribbons available on the market nowadays, so it is important to know which type of material to choose for each project. If you want a personalised ribbon that you can use to an important event in your life, such as the wedding day or a birthday party, then you should start some quick research on the Internet. Below is some useful information that might give you a clearer idea upon the main specifications of some ribbon materials.


Satin ribbons can be of two types: they can be woven only on one side (single-faced satin), or on both sides, the so-called double-faced satin. In the former case, the ribbon has a smooth and glossy finish, whereas in the latter case, you can find ribbons that are woven with only one colour on both sides, but you can also find ribbons with different colours on each side. You can find satin ribbons in a wide variety of colours, sizes and designs and you can use them in many projects.


Taffeta ribbons can be made of many fibres and silk, polyester and rayon are only a few examples. Some of these ribbons also have fine copper wires that are woven into the ribbons’ selvages. This way, ribbons can be shaped much easier and they are able to remain in that shape effortlessly. These too come in numerous designs and colours.


The “grosgrain” term comes from French and it refers to “coarse texture”. This is how grosgrain ribbons’ material is. These ribbons are both durable and offer a crisp appearance. Despite their texture, they are still supple. The traditional use of these ribbons is related to decorating and finishing hats.


As it can be expected, silk ribbons are soft and luxurious. They are usually used in bridal or various heirloom projects. Even though some might think the material is delicate, these silk ribbons can easily be pulled through fabric, without having to worry that they will suffer any damage. You can pleat, drape or gather them quite easy.


Sheer ribbons are those translucent ribbons that are finely woven, airy and light. They are one of the best choices for creating gossamer effects. Most of these sheers have some sort of a monofilament, which is woven into the selvages and which cannot be removed, since it is an important part of that ribbon’s design and construction.


These wire-edge ribbons have built-in fine flexible wires, thus making them easy to shape. These wires are woven in the ribbons’ selvages, on both sides. Wire-edge ribbons are perfect for creating flower arrangements or bows. It is important to know that those wires can be pulled out quite easily if you consider they are not necessary.

Overall, these are only a few types of ribbon materials. Choose the one that best fits your project.

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