Spinal manipulation: Does it really work?


When you hear the words spinal manipulation, you automatically think about cracking of the back. Spinal manipulation may not be the friendliest adjustment technique used by chiropractors, but it’s certainly one of the most effective ones. Despite the fact that most medical science experts reject this intervention, it does work. Spinal manipulation helps control neck and back pain and it is safe when it is performed by a CSSI Colorado Springs. If you’re suffering from neck or lower back pain, you should give spinal manipulation a try. Still not sure you should seek chiropractic treatment? If yes, you may want to keep on reading.  

What is spinal manipulation

Many people seek chiropractic care and so should you. However, we’re not talking about chiropractic in general, but about spinal manipulation. So, what is spinal manipulation? Spinal manipulation, or spinal manipulative therapy, is an intervention designed to relieve pressure on joint and muscles to enhance nerve function. This method of chiropractic treatment combines moving and jolting joints with massage, exercise, and physical therapy. Spinal manipulation originated in 19th century America. A doctor named Andrew Taylor Still developed the therapy to treat illnesses that were caused by displaced bones and muscles preventing the normal functioning of the circulatory system.

What spinal manipulation involves

As mentioned earlier, spinal manipulation involves spinal adjustment techniques. While some chiropractors use force and twisting, others resort to more gentle techniques, like spinal mobilization. Health care professionals adapt the treatment plan to the needs of each patient, which means that there’s no standard treatment. The procedures are realized on a padded, adjustable table, by a licensed physician. They use their hands to apply controlled force. Some practitioners choose to use ice and heat therapy or traction devices.

Does spinal manipulation work?

The question on everyone’s lips is this: Is spinal manipulation a valid technique? Most people will say that the intervention is ineffective and, worse, dangerous. Yet, you shouldn’t believe everything you hear. Spinal adjustment works. What’s more, it provides great results when other treatments have failed. The research so far shows that manipulative therapy helps relieve neck and low back pain, offering many other benefits too.

You may wonder why there’s so much uncertainty surrounding the matter. The answer is simple: there is not enough evidence. There are very few papers on the benefits of spinal manipulation, not to mention the number of studies. Let us not forget that the treatment doesn’t work for everyone. This doesn’t mean though that spinal manipulative therapy doesn’t work. It does and you should undergo chiropractic treatment. 

Spinal manipulation isn’t only for neck and back pain

Spinal manipulation is not only effective when it comes to relieving pain. It provides many benefits, like:

  • Prevents surgery. The method of chiropractic treatment allows the spine to work more effectively and alleviates pain. So, you’ll not end up in the operating room.
  • Reduces dependence on prescription pain medication. Since you’ll no longer feel pain, you won’t have to resort to drugs. Not only will you feel better, but also you won’t be foggy in the brain.