Simple Tips for a Perfectly Organized Bathroom

Bathrooms are always crowded because you want to store everything in there so you will have everything within reach. In order to avoid chaos and o keep your things organized, you have to create areas where you will arrange things belonging to a certain category. To make things easier for you, here are some simple tips that will help you keep your bathroom clean, tidy, and organized.

  • It’s best that you keep all your soaps, shower gels, creams, and lotions in one place, preferably near the tub on a wall shelf. You can use a corner shelf to save space by using an area that would otherwise remain useless. Suspend a corner shelf above the tub and arrange there all your cosmetic products so you will always know where to get what you need.
  • It’s likely that you keep most of your personal care devices in the bathroom so you can have them within reach when you want to groom your look. To keep the bathroom tidy and organized, create a special corner where you can keep items like the electric shaver, the flat iron, or the hair dryer. You can create a wall pouch using a large piece of fabric that you sew pockets on so every item has its own pocket to sit in.
  • The cleaning products are best to be kept under the sink because it’s the one place where you wouldn’t want to store anything else. Since most sinks come with a cabinet, this will be the best place for your cleaning products to stay out of sight and always within reach.
  • The wall behind the toilet can become a great place for storing the towels and you can either build shelves or install a small wall cabinet. Place some wooden shelves that will hold the baskets or the boxes where the towels will go and you will have a chic place to store your towels, the toilet paper, or the napkins.
  • If you have a large bathroom cabinet, you can use it as a versatile storage place for many of your personal care items and bathroom products. You can divide it in separate areas and each will store a different category. Baskets and boxes will help you keep everything organized and labels will help you know which item is where. You can even use the inside of the doors as storage space if you attach small hooks or wire baskets that can hold the flat iron or the electric shaver.
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