Should you have photos taken at your wedding rehearsal?


Many couples in Surrey think that the wedding rehearsal isn’t important when, in fact, it is. A wedding rehearsal reduces the stress that is typically associated with the big day. Basically, you and your guests understand what you have to do and you get answers to all your questions. Therefore, the wedding rehearsal is important. The question now is if you need to photograph the rehearsal dinner. Yes, because it’s one of the must have wedding photos.

Many brides immortalise their wedding rehearsal

You’ll be surprised to find out that a great many brides decide to have their wedding rehearsal photographed. Why? The explanation lies in the fact that they want to remember virtually anything that is connected to the marriage ceremony, including the preparation part. Taking into consideration how excited and happy everyone is, you can’t really blame them. A photographer Surrey is capable of caching on film all kinds of emotions, from laughter to tears. While the tradition is not to document the rehearsal ceremony, you should take a different path and break free from tradition. Later on, you’ll be happy that you made this decision.

See what the wedding photographer is capable of

naturally, when you hired the wedding photographer you discussed with former clients and you saw some of their work. But now you have the opportunity to see the trained professional in action. You are paying the wedding photographer for their expertise and the last thing you want to see is that you’ve made a bad investment. The specialist won’t stay for a very long time and you’ll get to see what they are capable of. What is more, the photographer may be forced to rethink their approach, which is a good thing.

How the wedding rehearsal is photographed

You don’t have to be a genius to understand how a wedding rehearsal is photographed. The trained professionals do the same thing they do at the wedding, that is, taking formal shots. What you get is photos of the location, setting, guests, and so on and so forth.  What you should ask for is documentary photography. This style has nothing in common with the traditional one, involving taking pictures of people when they aren’t paying attention. Not many photographers resort to this style, but there are a couple that do.

So, should you have your wedding rehearsal photographed?

Of course, you should. Every memory is worth cherishing and the wedding rehearsal is an important, if not the most important, part of the ceremony.  The thing is that you have freedom to decide what to do. Nobody’s forcing you to do anything. If you do come to the conclusion that photographing the wedding rehearsal is a good idea, don’t forget that the pictures are included in the deal. That’s right, you don’t have to pay extra. The only problem is that you won’t get your photos right away. The specialist will have to develop and edit them, including the ones taken at the marriage ceremony. You’ll have to wait a little bit, but it’s totally worth it.