Saving or repairing your windows? What you should do?

If the house you live in is quite old and you want to replace the windows, you should take into consideration that they might need only some basic repairs, and you can save a great amount of money. Even if the windows of your house are old, this does not mean that they cannot offer you protection and safety many years from now. Therefore, you should evaluate their condition and see if they have to be repaired or replaced. In case there are not damaged, you can purchase the needed repairing kits from Here are exposed some situations your windows might be in and the experts’ advice, if you should repair or change them.

Rot and jammed sashes

The first thing you should look for during windows’ inspection is decay. If the windows are old, they might feature signs of decay. In case you notice signs that water has penetrated around their frame, you should know that a carpenter is able to repair the broken parts and jammed sashes. You have to repair them before they rot, because in the opposite case you will have to replace them. Depending on their state, you might have to replace only the sashes.

Less energy efficient windows

In case you notice that your energy bills are growing every month, you should inspect the state of the windows, because they might be the cause. You do not have to replace them from the start, you should remove the old caulk and replace it with new one. You should caulk both inside, around the window trim and outside between the house and window. In addition, you can use weather stripping, because it will help you manage effectively any air leaks. This combination of products will cost you less that to actually replace the windows and they will transform your old windows into energy-effective ones.

Painted shut windows

Sometimes this aspect is not considered a disadvantage by homeowners, because in the winter they benefit from a weather-tight-seal. However, if you do not want to keep the sashes shut all year, you should use a sash saw and cut through the paint. You should not replace your windows only because they are sealed with paint.

Historic house with original windows

This is one of the cases when homeowners consider that they should replace the windows because they are too old to offer them protection against robberies and hot and cold temperatures. The fact is that if they were properly maintained, they are as good as the new ones. In addition, you should take into consideration that you might lower the house value in case you replace them, because you will not be able to find an equivalent on the present market for the decorative wood grilles and leaded or stained glass. You should ask yourself, if the style of the modern windows will suit the house style, or they will transform it into an ugly property. Experts recommend contacting a professional carpenter, and repairing them to become more energy efficient


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