Luxurious Bathroom Design Ideas

The bathroom is often the most neglected room in the house. However, if you design it properly, it can become a sanctuary, a place where you can relax and unwind after a long work day. To achieve this, we advise you to opt for a luxurious design theme. Keep in mind that the end result should look luxurious, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend a fortune to redesign the bathroom. You just have to opt for those design elements that inspire luxury and sophistication.

Choose marble for a luxurious look

It is true that marble is quite expensive, but the result will be absolutely spectacular. As you can see in the above picture, it makes the whole interior extremely elegant. However, keep in mind that marble is a pretentious material, so under no circumstances should you attempt to install it on your own. Instead turn to a trustworthy bathroom renovation company, like KBR Bathroom Remodeling. They have a lot of experience with different construction materials and they employ only the best workers to deliver top quality results. They are certainly the company to go with for a luxurious bathroom project.

When it comes to a luxurious bathroom, you should pay attention not only to the materials that you use, but also to the furniture that you choose. If the space allows it, then go for a Victorian sofa, and for Victorian curtains as well. Green would look very nice, but you can go with a different color as well. Elegant and sophisticated chandeliers should not miss, and fortunately, there are plenty on the market to choose from. This combination of colors looks absolutely amazing, but you could choose other colors for the walls as well. It is a matter of taste after all. You will certainly enjoy a relaxing bath in a Victorian bathtub like the one in the above picture. Don’t forget to place a massive crystal mirror, in order to complete the luxurious look of the whole interior.

Black and white

In case you are a person who loves minimalism, then you should definitely make your bathroom black and white. Remember that black can be used only in large spaces, otherwise the whole interior can look very small. In this bathroom, the designer obviously knew this, and even if the space is quite big, he decided to place a massive mirror in order to make space look even bigger, and the result is absolutely fantastic. You could also choose to paint only one of the walls black instead of all of them. Whatever you decide to do, just remember to paint the ceiling white. The black lighting elements and the white marble certainly add an elegant touch to the whole interior.

Create a warm look

You can create a warm look by using different hues of beige, brown and orange. A bathroom like the one presented in the above image will certainly make you enjoy every shower and bath that you take. Again, you need a large room in order to create this decor. Nowadays, it is very common to paint the walls in different colors, so you should consider doing this as well. Beige goes really nice with brown, and it looks incredibly beautiful in combination with the white furniture.

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