Loft conversion or home extension? Which is the best?


Wanting to bring some improvements to a property is a normal thing, especially when the context requires more space. There are two popular options for those who aim to such results, namely loft conversions and home extensions. They both increase the living and entertainment home in a home, they both increase the property’s value and they offer an incredibly reliable option to move into a bigger home. However, let’s see what the main differences between the two are and which the best of them is.

Loft conversion – The main advantages

Loft conversions come with the amazing advantage of using unused vertical space and saving plenty of yard space. These are appropriate for families who value their green corners and that also aim to increase in a highly effective fashion the available living space. Needless to say, the space created through a loft conversion is highly versatile, as many loft conversion companies Leyton located claim, and they can be easily turned into bedrooms, entertainment rooms, children’s rooms, nurseries and so on. For many, these improvements are the best option to moving into a bigger home, after a new family member is born. Investing in such addition will save your from the fuss (and costs) of moving homes, will decrease the energy bills due to the increased amount of natural light that enters the home and will increase your property’s value by almost 40,000 pounds! Loft conversions are perfect for those who want to maintain a large yard, without compromising the available living space.

Home extensions – The main advantages

Adding a home extension will allow you to increase the living space and also reconfigure the living area with success. Not only these additions boost your property’s value in a continuously skyrocketing London real estate market, but will allow you to keep your beloved property, even if the number of family members increases. The advantages of investing in a home extension are similar to those offered by a loft conversion, with the only difference that there will be a bit less space in your garden. However, real estate experts claim that the compromise is worth it, given the additional space provided by these extensions.

Loft conversion or home extension?

So, the question of which is the best option emerges. Truth be told, many of those who opt for adding some space to their properties, choose to mix the two. In many cases, they transform the loft into an additional bedroom, even two, and the extension takes the kitchen’s place. Space reconfiguration becomes a piece of cake with these amazing improvements and the value of a property might even increase by 100,000 pounds. This, in the future will be amazing, if the prospect of moving into another home emerges.

These are some important aspects about the two choices that people usually have when it comes to increasing the living space inside a home. Experts advise blending the two in order to boost the space even more. 

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