Learn How to Use the Clothes Dryer the Right Way

The clothes dryer comes in handy when you need something dried fast or when it’s cold outside and your clothes will take ages to dry. However, using the clothes dryer the wrong way will not offer you the best results and you will not manage to see the functionality of this useful appliance. Therefore, discover in the following lines how to use the clothes dryer correctly.

Read the labels

As a general rule, every item of clothing that has been washed in the washing machine and has been tumble-dried can go in the clothes dryer without the risk of damaging it. However, it’s best that you check every label before putting a piece of clothing into the dryer because you can get the unpleasant surprise that the fabrics is not resistant to high heat. Therefore, make sure you inspect the labels on your clothes before using the clothes dryer.

Prepare the clothes

Before putting the clothes in the dryer, give them a little shake so the wrinkles will go away and there will be no item hidden in another one, which usually happens with socks. Also, inspect the clothes for stains that the washing machine couldn’t handle because once the stained clothes go into the dryer, the stain is likely to become permanent.

Sort the clothes

As you do when preparing the clothes for washing, you should sort them for drying in order to get the best results. First of all, you must sort the clothes by color so no dark item will stain a lighter one, then sort them by texture in order to avoid getting lint from one item to another. Finally, sort them by weight and avoiding mixing thick and thin clothes because they will dry unevenly.

Don’t overload the dryer

After you sort the clothes, make sure you don’t put too many into the dryer at the same time, or you won’t obtain the expected results. If the dryer is overloaded, the clothes will come out wrinkled and misshapen because they didn’t have enough room to turn into the dryer’s drum. Also, although you might think that this is a good way to save electricity as you will reduce the number of drying cycles, you will actually increase the drying time. A dryer loaded with 2 pounds of clothing should be ready in about 50 minutes, so make sure you don’t exceed that limit.

Take the clothes out fast

Once the clothes are dried, take them out of the dryer as soon as possible, otherwise they will get wrinkles and the fabrics will be damaged. Denim clothes that have been put in the dryer will come out a little shrunk but you can fix that by pulling and stretching them so the fabric will come back to its shape.

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