How to Sharpen Kitchen Knives

There are several methods of sharpening a knife, but all of these different method accomplish the same goal of sharpening your knives. During the sharpening process, the knife sharpener removes some material from the blade so that the knife can have a fine and sharp edge. In order to get best results you must learn how to use a knife sharpener and today we will teach you how to accomplish this so read on.

Sharpen a knife with a whetstone

Sharpening a knife with a whetstone is the most popular method and according to many users, the most effective. In order to sharpen a knife with a whetstone you need to place the whetstone on a countertop and place a cloth underneath to prevent it from slipping off the counter. The coarse grit face must face up. Then you can begin the sharpening process. Grab your knife and hold the edge against the stone, with the cutting edge at a 22½-degree angle. To avoid injuring yourself, firmly hold the blade with your other hand. Apply moderate pressure and push the blade the forward and across the whetstone while covering the length of the blade. Repeat this process for 10 times and the flip the knife over to sharpen the other side of the blade for another 10 times. After the blade of the knife is extra sharp you can use a sharpening steel to hone the blade to remove metal particles and make it smooth.

Use a sharpening steel for fast results

Most people prefer using a sharpening steel because it’s very fast and easy to use. However, there are some tips and tricks that you can use in order to ensure that there’s no risk of cutting your hand while using a sharpening steel. For starters, use your left hand to hold the sharpening steel point-down with is tip secured on a cutting board. Once you make sure that the sharpening steel is resting firmly on the surface, use your other hand to hold the knife against the steel with the back of the blade while touching the steel. Simply pull the knife backward toward you and make sure that the knife is tilted at a 22½-degree angle. Gently pull the blade toward you while glinding it downward the steel to cover the length of the blade. Do this step for 10 times or more if the blade is very dull. Switch to the other side and do the same step for 10 times.

Use an electric sharpener

This is the easiest way to sharpen a knife. There are several electric sharpeners at the market, but the Presto 08810 Sharpener is the best one. Take a look at the Presto 08810 Sharpener ratings on the website and you will see just how easy to use this product is. It works great on kitchen knives and fillet knives, and if you are careful and you only sharpen one side of the blade, you can even use it on serrated knives.

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