How to Organize Your Refrigerator’s Drawers and Shelves

You can’t say your house is perfectly organized if your refrigerator is a mess where the foods don’t have a clear logic behind the way they are being stored. If you analyze some of the latest refrigerators on, you will see that modern refrigerators have flexible storage spaces which allow you to customize the storage space. However, even an older fridge can be organized if you keep some organizing tips in mind. Read the following lines and apply the advice given in them to have truly organized refrigerator drawers and shelves, getting rid once and for all of the chaos that usually unfolds when you open the fridge.


To keep vegetables fresh for a longer time, they need to be stacked in a place that has a bit of humidity. Modern refrigerators come with a special drawer for vegetables where the humidity levels are higher, and you can put them in it after storing the vegetables in a loosely tied plastic bag.


Fruits are best kept when stored in the crisper drawer, which is a drawer that has a low humidity appropriate to keep them in a perfect shape. What you must remember is to store them in loosely tied plastic bags as you do with vegetables, and never wash neither fruits or vegetables until you use them, or else they will spoil.

Deli meats

Deli meats can either be placed on the lowest shelf of the refrigerator, or in the shallow meat drawer if your refrigerator has one, being the places in which the temperature is at its lowest for them to be kept in a perfect condition for a longer time.

Packaged raw meat

There is only one location for packaged raw meat, and that is the lowest shelf of the fridge, because packaged meat needs cold temperatures to be fresh for a longer time. Also, keep in mind to put the meat on a plate for it to not drip blood and create a mess in the refrigerator.


Milk usually either lands in the refrigerator door or on the top shelf, but the correct placement for milk is on the bottom shelf. This is due to the fact that on the bottom shelf there are the lowest temperatures, being the perfect environment for the milk to be kept fresh for a longer time.

Yogurt, cottage cheese, and sour cream

Yogurt, cottage cheese, and sour creams should be placed on the bottom shelf to not rot, just like milk. Also, you should stack these food products on a turntable to keep them accessible and for you to be able to easily see their expiration date.


The first mistake that people make when they’re depositing the eggs in their refrigerator is to use the fridge egg container. This area of the fridge doesn’t provide with the constant temperatures that these food products need to stay fresh for a long time, therefore instead of storing them in the egg container of the fridge, leave the eggs in their original cartons and deposit them on the middle shelf of the refrigerator, the only area in which the temperature is constant.


All condiments, no matter if we are talking about ketchup, mayonnaise, salad dressings, or any other type of condiments, should be kept in the refrigerator’s door. They are high in natural preservatives, therefore they have a longer life span than any other food products, and the low temperatures from the refrigerator door suit them perfectly.

Butter and soft cheese

Butter and soft cheeses should be kept in their containers after you use them, and the perfect placement for these food products is the dairy compartment situated on the refrigerator door, because they don’t need extremely low temperatures to stay fresh.

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