How to keep your house warm in the winter

Keeping a house warm during winter is not the easiest thing to do. Besides checking every window and door and making sure each one of them is in good shape takes a lot of time and attention from any house owner. Winter has become harsh in the past few years and preserving warmth in a home is essential. A good heating system along with some other tips and tricks you are going to respect will make the best out of it. Here’s what you might want to know:

Windows & Doors

uPVC windows&doors are quite pretentious if you are not careful with them during the years. However, you cannot ignore them and you certainly can’t skip steps when it comes to them simply because they are the main reason warmth is being lost during the winter. Isolated windows and doors usually do the job and do not need often repairs or changes, but in case you don’t own this type, it is important to purchase some insulating tape and place it around the area that seems like its leaking. The most air is lost under the door or on the sides of the windows. In case you observe many problems and you don’t know a lot about how to repair windows and doors, you should try contacting uPVC window repairs Nottingham.


Especially in a large house, where heating is not uniform in all rooms is necessary to take all the measurements to preserve warmth. Even though carpets might be considered old-fashioned or a burden when you need to wash them, they have a great utility in winter. When your grandparents used to cover the entire floor with thick carpets they did it with a purpose: in the cold season, carpets are great for both preserving heat and for your health. Stepping on fibre carpets rather than cold wood or tiles is much healthier for your bones. Plus, it’s nicer to step on a mat and feel its texture on a cold evening or even laying down on it with a blanket around the fireplace.

Candles – a playful solution

Scented candles seem like a way to create ambiance into a house – but how can it help preserving the heat? If you are a fan of flavour-spreading candles or you simply like the ambient touch they bring to any room, then use them as much as you can especially in the winter. The heat they are spreading will give anyone the impression warmth is all around and make them forget about how cold it is outside.

Keep the house dry

Perhaps you’ve often thought that steaming creates heat. The truth is that when you are in your kitchen and you’re cooking food, you think that this is the reason why it’s so hot in the room. The truth is that humidity will immediately transform in cold vapours. In addition, there is a risk for mould formation and wood door damage. Keep your house dry at all times.



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