How to Keep Your Attic Rooms Cool in the Summer

Houses with attics often face the problem of getting too hot during summer because the attic is to close to the sun. This really becomes a problem if you stay in a room in the attic because you will feel uncomfortable and you have troubles coping with the high temperatures. Luckily, the following ideas will turn out to be very useful in keeping your attic rooms cool in the summer.

Use a tower fan

Tower fans are great cooling devices that manage to spread cool air in a room without requiring as much energy as the air conditioning systems. They are small, compact, come in a variety of shapes and sizes that will match any room design, and will blow cool air in a wide area due to the tower shape. Most tower fans are no higher than 44” so you can use them in attic rooms that can have a low roof and the best part is that they are slim enough to fit any corner. Opt for a tower fan with an oscillating feature so the air will be circulated on a wider area and you won’t need any other cooling device. Visit in order to see which are the best rated tower fans of the moment. Read the tower fan reviews posted there, compare several products and choose the most convenient tower fan.

Cover the windows

Attic windows are usually facing the sky, meaning they will get very hot and reflect all that heat into the attic. A good tip to keep the temperatures in the attic as low as possible is to use blinds that will create shade, so the sun won’t overheat the air in the attic. Besides, the curtains, blinds or drapes will enhance the interior decor of your attic rooms and will make them feel cozy. Opt for dark fabrics and cover the entire window and you will see how the air will stay cooler.

Lower the humidity level

A high humidity caused by sweating walls and floors can increase the level of heat that you feel in an attic room, especially during summer when the temperatures go extremely high. Therefore, by minimizing the humidity level, you will manage to keep your attic rooms cool, so consider getting a dehumidifier. This device can successfully absorb the excess water in the air and will adjust both the humidity and heat to a comfortable level.

Add insulation to the attic

A great way to keep the heat away from the attic is to add insulation to the roof, walls, and floors of the attic. By applying thick layers of insulating materials, you will seal the attic and will prevent outdoor heat from entering the attic and will keep cool air inside the attic. The insulation works all year round, meaning it will keep you cool in winter and warm in summer, so the investment is worthwhile.

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