How to Grow and Maintain a Perfect Lawn

Many might find it hard to grow and maintain a perfect lawn, but the truth is that it’s not a lot of work involved in doing this, and the final result will definitely leave you speechless. After all, you can’t have a beautiful house without a beautiful lawn to complement it as well. Therefore, if you want to make your property the envy of all your neighbors, read the following lines and find out how you can grow and maintain your lawn for it to look perfect.

Prepare the soil

The first step for preparing the soil for the new lawn is to remove the old plants and weeds from it. Be careful to not use herbicides to kill them, because the soil will be tainted by them and the new lawn won’t be able to grow because of the contaminated soil.

To get rid of the unwanted plants and weeds it’s better to first moist the soil a little, and remove them with a grape hoe, or a sod cutter.
After you have removed the old plants and weeds from the terrain, you can proceed to grading the soil. Make sure to grade it to a 1% or 2% slope away from the house for good drainage. This is a necessary step no matter if you want to lay turf or to plant grass seeds, therefore make sure to not skip it.

For the lawn to grow perfectly, the soil must be of a high quality for 4-6 inches in depth. If your soil has a clay-like structure or a sandy structure, you have to use a shovel with which you will work in organic material like peat, compost, or rotted manure to the necessary depth, ensuring a good environment for the lawn to grow on. The last things you must do in order to prepare the soil for the new lawn are to fertilize the soil and to water it.

Fertilize the soil to encourage the root growth for the new grass through the high levels of phosphorus found in it, but be careful to use the amount that is recommended on the package, because too much fertilizer can kill the new lawn.

Before you proceed to planting or installing your new lawn, you have to water the soil and let it settle for one week as well. By doing this you give the water the necessary time to settle in.

Lay turf for a new lawn

The best method to obtain the perfect lawn is to install turf, because it is already-grown grass attached to soil which you simply place on the lawn. It offers the great advantage that you can see it and touch it before you buy it, it comes in many varieties that are appropriate for any type of climate, and it doesn’t take as much time to enjoy it as with starting a lawn by seed.

To make sure that the turf you are buying is of a good quality and that you won’t have to change it after a short while, check for the attached soil to be moist, and not crumbly or dried up.

When you install the turf, you have to first lay out one line of turf along the edge of your lawn and surrounding your house, and place the turf end to end without overlapping two pieces or stretching it.
Keep in mind to water the turf heavily during the first ten days after you installed it, and try your best to water it during the early morning for the grass to dry out before the late hours of the evening come, avoiding fungus this way.

After you have installed it, don’t forget to avoid walking on it for at least one week, although the ideal time would be for a month.
If you are wondering when the time has come to get out your lawn mower and start mowing the freshly installed turf, the answer is after several weeks. The amount of time is so long because you have to let the turf establish deep roots and allow the lawn to grow out to at least 2.5 inches before using the lawn mower to mow it perfectly. Invest in the best push mower if you want to have a perfectly trimmed lawn.

How to maintain your lawn

In order to maintain the perfect lawn, you have to make sure that it is getting enough water first of all. This means you have to water it heavily and regularly to keep the deep roots healthy and lush. The most appropriate time for watering it is during the late evening or the early morning, because it’s the only time when water evaporation won’t occur.

To add disease resistance and to promote beneficial microbes you have to mow at the highest setting of your lawn mower. After mowing the lawn, you should leave the grass clippings on it for them to return their nutrients to the ground as well. The best push mower units allow you to choose between throwing the turf on the ground or bagging it.

The last step in maintaining a perfect lawn is to fertilize it three of four times per growing season. Don’t forget to not pass this limit even if you are tempted, because just as we mentioned before, fertilizing the lawn too much can kill it.

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