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Design 101: Your Questions Answered

One of the major reasons we started this blog was to tackle the endless list of questions we had about interior design and decor. We took it upon ourselves to find a way to learn more about the how’s and why’s of home design by going to classes, talking with experts and reading as much as we possibly could. After being inundated with information from the industry over the past two years, we have found the answers to many of our personal questions but there is still so much more!

This is why we have are starting our “Design 101” column. We are asking our favorite designers, architects, stylists, builders, artists and more all the burning questions you have. Since our blog is focused on “where design meets reality,” we have a lot of you who are curious about the how's and why's of the design business but not enough time to find it out on your own. So we are going to help you in your journey and answer your list of questions too!

Starting this month, we will bring you the answers to questions like this:
- Do you have to design the whole house at once?
- Do designers up charge significantly?
- Can you go into trade showrooms or do you need a designer with you?
- What are realistic timelines for ordering fabrics, drawing up construction plans, ordering furniture, etc.
- What is the right sized _____ (width of a chandelier, height of a lamp, size of an end table, etc.)?
- What are different fee structures for designers?
- How to work with an in-store designer?
- How do you budget for redo’ing a room? What are the major factors for each room?
- It’s most cost efficient to buy for yourself through a flash sale site than through a designer or store. So why do designers discourage this?
- What is the “design” process once you meet with a designer? How do they come up with those boards and what should I do to help the process?
- How do interior designers get certified? Where can I find a reputable designer?
- I’m all about DIY. Does that turn off a designer?
- Is there a right way to decorate a room? Talk to me about proportion, color, scale.

Do you have a question you’d like for us to ask? Then email, tweet, Facebook us or just leave it in the comments below. We’ll get you an answer and it will be everything you wanted to know (and more)!