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Removing Paint from Brass Window Hardware

So I have been a bit quiet on my homefront due to many different projects going on all while traveling to and fro the past three months. I have had several ongoing projects (repainting entire first floor, redecorating den, updating kitchen, buying fabrics for various projects, etc.) and it’s just been a big decorating tizzy over here at Chez Moi.

But before I do any big reveals (and that’s because nothing is fully complete yet), I wanted to share with you one handy little tip I picked up while I was painting. For our home interior, I really wanted to use a zero toxin paint and loved Mythic Paint for my exterior so it was my go-to choice for my interior; plus it’s from Mississippi, my home state! This required special painters who are good at handling this paint and I’m so glad I chose to go with them because boy were they thorough!

Once my painters started to paint, they removed all of my original (read 1917) window hardware off my original (read 1917) windows. Some of these locks and latches may have been replaced over the years but the condition they were in would lead me to believe that they had never been removed before to allow for a proper paint job. So once the painters removed them, they asked if I wanted to replace them as they were looking a bit rough.

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A Moment for Thanks

We are thankful. It’s the time of year where we choose to pause and express gratitude to those we cherish, admire and adore. There is so much we have to be thankful for but most of all we are thankful for those of you who are reading this. Each and every day hundreds of you come to see what we are up to, what is going on in our homes and what people and products we choose to share with you. That quite is simply the greatest thing to be thankful for this our first year of Here in This House. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The thing I am most thankful for this year is of course my family. This house that I call our home is the reason why I started on the quest to show how design and reality collide. My family breathes life into this inanimate object and we in turn respect and honor the structure and walls that hold our most precious treasures: our lives and memories. Then there is Mae, without whom I would of never gone down this path. I needed a partner who I trusted, respected and admired; I found her and she’s a gem. Lastly, my most recent gratitude goes to my house and it’s new paint color. When I moved in almost 4 years ago, my house was a rusty red. I’ve dreamed of brightening her up one day and just two weeks ago, my dream came true. She’s now a “tango red” and I love it. I am thankful.

Here is my before house picture.
Below it are some photos of the new house color on my house (saving big reveal for later).




On this the first Here in This House Thanksgiving, I'm going back to the basics. And at the root of it all, there are three things that make my part in this blog possible. There is, of course, my wonderful partner-in-crime, Elise, without whom this blog simply would not exist. There are my husband and my children and the rest of my support network who allow me the time and mindshare to do the work required to keep this blog running. And last, but not least, I am grateful to my home that, despite its late 1950s origins and aesthetics, has beautiful bones that allows me to play and experiment so that I might have fodder for my writing.  

A few shots of the house before we moved in (after a few aesthetic upgrades).
First, our living room with a peek into the den.

And the dining room with views into the living room and light-filled den.

The den with a walkout to the back garden.
(Who wants to recommend alternatives for that unsightly baseboard heater?)


Have a happy Thanksgiving and we'll see you on the flip side!


Deco Book Club: Meeting #4

After a brief summer hiatus, our deco book club had another meeting of the minds. We have all been on a huge decorating kick with so much activity it’s really quite impressive. As you may recall, we have been using Jill VegasSpeed Decorating to guide us through our non-traditional book club. Each month we are tackling different projects in our home trying to refine our décor into a more suitable individual style.


This month we were proud to show off so many of our accomplishments and parlay our successes into more momentum! Custom carpets were made, paint colors were decided, new fabrics were selected, old belongings were curated and curtains were hung. All-in-all we were super pleased with ourselves.


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Picking the Perfect White Paint

As part of my New Year’s decorating goals, I wanted to go clean, house clean that is. Over the past couple of months that has evolved into pining to paint my walls white, like some of the inspiration seen here:

Source: None via Elise on Pinterest



 (and of course seend on our blog here).

I have used some of the new fabric choices for my room (black & white, gold, and deep purples) to choose a white background to set off these lovely accent colors. The chairs, throw pillows and floor coverings will all bring pops of color into the room.

My living room right now...

Over Memorial Day weekend, I finally found some time to run into a local paint store to check out some colors and grab some samples. Here are the white samples I picked from Sherwin-Williams: Cloud Nine, Soothing White, and White Iris. I decided to block them off on my living room wall in 12”x12” squares (kinda artistic- lol) in order to test them in the room. After priming so the current yellow in the room wouldn’t come through, I painted each block one of the whites. I’m still not sure I can favor one over the other.


 Sherwin-Williams: Cloud Nine, Soothing White, & White Iris

I decided to go check out the new House Beautiful app for the iPad I was sent complimentary as a guest of Blogfest. It has several paint selection options based on the colors, spaces, and moods. I choose white, living room, & sophisticated colors. It gave me 29 colors to choose from! I narrowed it down to these three: All White by Farrow & Ball, Strong White by Farrow & Ball, and Heaven by Benjamin Moore.  
 All White by Farrow & Ball, Strong White by Farrow & Ball, & Heaven by Benjamin Moore.  

As another resource, I interviewed the HGTV designer Lisa LaPorta (interview coming tomorrow) and asked her what her recommend white is. Her response is Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore. She said there are many different brands that have a similar color but this one is perfect because it’s not too pink or blue and works well everwhere.

Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore

I think I’ll pick up all four of the new colors and paint new squares!

What do you think about the whites I’ve selected? Do you know of any of them? Have you used them before? Or do you have another white that you have used and really recommend for my bright, naturally-lit living room.



Into the Deep Blue Yonder: Glossy Blue Walls

Elise and I read a lot. I mean, A LOT. Sometimes we see recurring things. Sometimes it's because it's the same project or product being pitched across multiple outlet. Sometimes, it's just something that catches our eyes. Last week, I noticed the same wallpaper twice in a day and decided it needed to be on the shortlist for my master bedroom closet. Today, it's all about glossy blue walls. It first caught my eye in ELLE Decor. And this past week it was in Tracie Zellers' blog post on the work of interior designer Miles Redd. So here's my glossy blue wall eye candy. Enjoy!


Photo via ELLE Decor


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