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Entries in One Little Word (14)


Shutter Kids: Handing Over the Camera

I spend a lot of time on this blog sharing my own photography. Given the nature of the workshops and challenges that I write about here, the images cover a range of subjects such as nature, light and various household objects. But in reality, most of my photographs are of my children. With all the time I spend with them and because they are clearly the cutest kids in the world, I have a hard time turning the camera away. (Surely you understand.)


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Picture Inspiration, Week 10

Welcome to another Picture Inspiration and One Little Word | Captured update. This week's Picture Inspiration prompt asked us to turn our creativity towards our kitchens. My immediate response was the photograph of the forks I took for Picture Winter. My second thought was about an image of our kitchen chandelier which I created as part of Kim Klassen's Skinny Mini Photoshop e-Course. But while I wanted to create something new, I found that after Picture Winter, there wasn't much left in my kitchen that had not already been photographed. I needed something new, something fresh. And then I remembered a package that arrived on my doorstep earlier this week...

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One Little Word | Captured, Week 17 (and more)


Uh oh. Those don't look like flowers to me. 

So it's been a while since I gave you an update on my One Little Word, progress.  It's not been far from my mind. I just didn't fell like I had much to say. This week, though, is different.

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One Little Word | Captured, Week 12 & 13

Life…as I see itThis update brings us to week 13 of One Little Word which means, scarily enough, that this project - and 2011 - is one-quarter the way through already. How quickly that has passed! To be completely honest, I have been quite delinquent in the record-keeping part of this project. (I'm not sure that I've even finished the January assignment yet and here comes the April assignment right around the corner! Whoops!) Thankfully, Jill Conyers' photo challenge has kept my word present for me every week in my mind, if not on paper.

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One Little Word | Captured, Week 11

This weekend, I packed up the kids and the three of us headed out for a long weekend away. It was a chance for my children to spend time with their two cousins and for me to get some quality time with one of my sisters, Tania. For my poor brother-in-law, it just meant being displaced from his bedroom, his bathroom and his car. As expected, we had a wonderful time all together but what I was particularly struck by was how far we had come in the years since we both made our big moves. 


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