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Organizing the Pantry

It's done! It's done! And it didn't take a millenium to complete! I am, of course, referring to my little pantry project. In case you don't recall, Hurricane Sandy + Jill Vegas' School of Speed Decorating class = pantry project. When I last left you, having cleaned, organized, planned and shopped, all I had left to do was wait for my packages to come rolling in and have everything installed. Taking my own advice, I did obtain the help of a professional so as not to repeat my mistakes of the past.

But to really understand the scope of my problem, I have to start with where I began. Here is an annotated depiction of my "before" pantry:


And here is the pencil-sketched plan I drew up, complete with measurements, placements and product details:

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Getting Started: Organizing the Pantry

All one needs to do is search on Pinterest for "pantry" to see beautiful, enormous, light-filled, precisely organized food storage spaces. French doors. A bevy of swing out doors and drawers. And an endless assortment of perfectly matched and possibly labeled containers. Let's be clear: THIS IS NOT MY PANTRY. Mine is a not-quite 2 ft x 2 ft x 8 ft space with no light and five (albeit adjustable) shelves.  It is crammed to the gills with food and other kitchen wares. The front half has some rough sense of order. The back, not so much. After telling myself for all these months that I was going to make some sense of that space, I've finally done it. Well, sort of...

Original image from Amy Azzarito's DesignSponge tour of the New Hampshire home of Ryan and Emerson Fry.

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Deco Book Club: Meeting #3

Oops we did it again! We met last night for our decorating book club, one of my favorite gatherings each month. Our take on the traditional book club has us discussing our interior decorating projects using Jill Vegas' Speed Decorating as our guide. It's a chance for us to talk about our progress, get feedback from the group and share tips, tricks and tools with each other.

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Deco Book Club: Meeting #2

Last night was the second meeting of our decorating book club (a spin on a traditional book club, only we are reading a decorating book: Speed Decorating by Jill Vegas). It was a small group (2 of the ladies weren’t able to attend) but we were very productive nonetheless.

Part of the benefit of hosting the book club at your house (we rotate host houses each month) is you get some hands on help! That’s just what we did in our hostess’ case. She doesn’t have a very large dining room and is not in love with her wall colors (red & white). The group came up with the suggestion to re-purpose a large antique Chinese chest from a sideboard to a TV/entertainment stand in her den (and as a double bonus it gets rid of her current undesirable TV/entertainment stand). And voila, two feet of space have been added to her dining room!!! As per the wall color we used her love of reds to suggest a complimentary shade of green for the room. We explored some great shades from the House Beautiful iPad app.

Another great outcome of the evening is I introduced the group to Pinterest. If you have been reading our blog for long, you know of my love for this online app. I use it daily to “pin” pictures and graphics to virtual bulletin boards: For the Home, Favorite Places & Spaces, Cool Stuff, Having Fun, Pictures for Thought, Yummy Eats, the Great Outdoors, and more. In total, I have pinned 326 images (like the one below) since I started using the site earlier this year! The best part about Pinterest is that all of my fellow deco book clubbers can also start to pin their own interesting graphics, we can suggest pins to each other and we can comment on each other’s pins; it’s perfect for collaborating between meeting nights!

                                                  Source: via Elise on Pinterest

Our final major breakthrough is that we decided to not all stay on the same chapter/room for each monthly meeting. Originally we thought it might be a good idea for all of us to go chapter by chapter together and dissect each chapter at each meeting. This book’s chapters are each room in the house: entryway, dining room, living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. After determining that each person didn’t even have some of those rooms (mainly entryways) we thought it best to just pick which room we wanted to focus on for that month and work on that room/chapter. Makes sense, right?

So over this month, I’m going to focus on the entryway to my house (because I’m all methodical like that and can’t break the book’s pattern; entryway is chapter #2). The other ladies are focusing on their dining rooms and living rooms. We are all snapping pictures and pulling items into our decorating notebooks too.

How about you? Did you grab a copy of this fantastic book ( we wrote about the awesome author Jill here)? Are you reading along with us? Do you have a design challenge and want the group to help you out? Can you help out the group by suggesting some great resources for us too? Collaboration, people; let’s do it!




Creative Types: Jill Vegas, Interior Designer

We love peeking into the lives of others to see what they've got going on and today is no different, although it's not into the life of just any old person. Today's feature belongs to the interior designer, Jill Vegas, who we are honored to spotlight in our column, Creative Types. Creative Types highlights different artistic people and the work they create (think designers, writers, photographers, painters, chefs and more).

We had the incredible opportunity to meet Jill at a Momtrends event in NYC several months ago. We instantly bonded and have kept in touch ever since. She has so many wonderful things going on (TV segments, a book, and an Emmy Nomination) we were smitten with her energy and, even more so, her work. I'm sure you've heard us speak her name in these parts recently because we've just begun a book club with her home design book, Speed Decorating. Read on to find out more about this award-winning, professional "stager" and much sought-after interior designer!


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