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Entries in High Falls Mercantile (4)


Design on a Dime 2012 (Part I)

Last week saw the arrival - and closure - of Housing Works' fundraising event, Design on a Dime. We were fortunate enough to get a sneak peek at the designers' rooms as the finishing touches were being added. Thank goodness we did because many pieces, big and small, sold almost immediately after the start of the sale.

Almost ready at Housing Works' Design on a Dime.

Without further ado, we present four of our favorites spaces. Be sure to come back Wednesday for the rest of our picks!

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Gearing Up for Design on a Dime

We love interiors. We love to shop. We love a great deal. And, to boot, we love to support our friends.  So, it should come as no surprise that we're super excited about the upcoming fundraiser event, Design on a Dime, from Housing Works. Never heard of it? It's an opportunity for a hand-selected crew of the most amazing designers to outfit rooms with new merchandise which is sold at 50-70 percent off retail. All those proceeds then go on to support one of Housing Works' upcoming projects. Sound good to you? Sounds good to us!


Worried about who might be picking out all that merchandise? Don't be. The list of Design on a Dime designers is impressive. Go check it out. We'll wait. ... Now if that roster isn't enough to get you excited, look no farther than one of our favorite sites, Pinterest, for a sneak preview of Design on a Dime items.


Hands off the Garrett turquoise hide rug (courtesy of Tyler Wisler Home) and
the Eames credenza (courtesy of NEAL BEKSTEDT STUDIO) - we're calling dibs!


And should you be lucky enough to come away with a great steal, all that dough is going to a great cause. The upcoming Jefferson Avenue Residence, opening later this year, will provide supportive housing for single, formerly homeless adults living with HIV/AIDS. The three-story brick building consisting of 12 units will incorporate many elements of sustainable design and construction. No-VOC paints? Check. Furnishings made of recycled materials? Check. (Hmm, we wonder if their tile is Green Squared certified?...)

So just how do you get to participate in this much-adored annual event? Just. Show. Up. The event is free to the public on April 27th & 28th at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Should you prefer to be treated like a VIP and get first dibs, you'll want to purchase a ticket to the opening night reception on April 26th.

So as opening night draws near, we want to take a minute and say good luck and best wishes to some familiar faces to this blog who will be designing rooms for this year's event: Tyler Wisler, the ladies of Tilton Fenwick, Patrick James Hamilton, and Larry Ruhl of High Falls Mercantile.

We can't wait to see all the great vignettes. Hope you'll able to join us there!


Creative Types: Larry Ruhl of High Falls Mercantile

We love a good store and we love a great person. When the two collide, it pretty much thrills us to bits and we must share the good news. Consider this sharing. We met Larry on Twitter through mutual friends. He is funny and personal when he tweets and his store, High Falls Mercantile in High Falls, NY, seems to be quite the place too!

Then we had the opportunity to meet Larry at the Architectural Digest Home Show. What a funny, personal, lovely person he was and his booth was soothing and chic via that rustic/vintage charm you find in a cozy loft you never want to leave. We thought it would be great to investigate what it takes to be a home furnishings store owner and delve into the ins and outs of curating a creative collection on a daily basis. 


The High Falls Mercantile logo (designed by none other than Woody Pirtle) and images from the site that reflect the company's aesthetic: farmhouse crossed with industrial design with the perfect patina. 

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Sea Green Accents from the Architectural Digest Home Show

The Architectural Digest Home Show is one of the best places to just sit back and let inspiration wash over you. As you pass through the rows upon rows of booths, the vendors bring their “A Game” and show off some of the most lovely and irresistible objects for home interiors.

As we walked through the show there was an overwhelming color theme, especially when married with wooden furniture: sea green. This pale blue/green, when partnered with white, has the opportunity to bring a sense of serenity and calm to a space. As we all see pops of neon being infused into interiors, these whites and sea greens are a nice balance to the excitement and electricity of today’s hottest, color pieces.


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