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Entries in Friday Favorites (14)


Friday Favorites: Wendy's Open Shelf Buffet

Welcome back to our weekly feature, Friday Favorites, where we visit someone's home and discusse their favorite object or room. This week we visit with Wendy as she tells us all about her custom-built open shelf buffet and about her path in discovering her own style.


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Friday Favorites: Stefanie's Eclectic Hall Vignette

This week, we're taking a peek into Stefanie's evolving eclectic home. She shares with us a vignette in the hallway hub that connects her kitchen, family room and dining room. Making use of existing pieces, and with a little trial and error, she's finally found the arrangement that makes her happy.

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Friday Favorites: Jen's Superbly Chic Living Room

This week’s Friday Favorite peers into the chic home of Jen. After struggling with inherited furniture and colors that weren’t her style, she revamped her living room to create a welcoming space where guests are received in whimsical style.

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Friday Favorites: Jen's Heirloom Art


This week's Friday Favorites column is set in the fun and functional family room of our neighbor, friend and business owner, Jen. Her wonderfully talented father has been giving Jen paintings for years and all it took was a little bit of paint on the walls and new frames to make them fit right in!

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Friday Favorites: Elise’s Antique Shaving Stand

Today's Friday Favorite takes a look at one of us! That's right, it's high time we took a look behind the camera lense and proding questionaires. Today Elise is sharing a family heirloom that was passed along from her mom: an antique shaving stand. 



What is it and why is this your favorite thing in the house?
One of my favorite items in my house is an antique shaving stand. It was passed down to me from my mom and she received it from her mother as a gift in the 1970’s. It is one of my favorite pieces because it is so unique and it holds a lot of sentimental value for me. I remember going into my mom’s bedroom growing up and wanted to fish around in the drawers to look at her jewelry and other treasures she had “hidden” in them. Every time I look at it, I think of her and remember the scent of her perfume and her colorful striped jewelry pouch.

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