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Deco Book Club: Meeting #3

Oops we did it again! We met last night for our decorating book club, one of my favorite gatherings each month. Our take on the traditional book club has us discussing our interior decorating projects using Jill Vegas' Speed Decorating as our guide. It's a chance for us to talk about our progress, get feedback from the group and share tips, tricks and tools with each other.

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Artwork Hung in Grids

After the walls are painted, the wall decorations go up. Currently, the hot trend is grids of artwork hung in many different configurations and compositions on wall spaces large and small. Here is what I've spied as of late that has caught my eye.


Source: via Elise on Pinterest


What are you favorites? Do you have any grid artwork hung in your house? What is it made up of: photos, artwork, sculptural pieces?


Storing All Those Papers, Papers, and More Papers!

The paper trail in my house runs from the front steps to the car parked in the driveway. There isn’t a room in my house that hasn’t been touched by paper: newspaper, mail, magazines, bills, documents, files, photos, artwork, notices, forms, letters, reminders, and scraps. It’s enough to drive the tidy insane. I count myself as tidy, thus I’ve become a bit crazy with all of the paper accumulating in the different corners of my house. One person’s paper trail may be easy enough to organize but I’ve got four different people in my house and I’m responsible for keeping them sorted.

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