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Friday Favorites: Kelly's Sentimental Nursery

We had the pleasure of meeting the artist Sam Simon at a Momtrends event earlier this year. We immediately came to love his whimsical artistic style and ever-entertaining personality. Fast forward to this fall when he completed work on a beautiful baby girl's nursery which we just had to bring to you as part of our Friday Favorites series. With thanks to Sam for introducing us to Kelly and her beautiful family, we bring to you the story behind her incredibly sentimental and not-just-for-now nursery.

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Friday Favorites: Jen's Heirloom Art


This week's Friday Favorites column is set in the fun and functional family room of our neighbor, friend and business owner, Jen. Her wonderfully talented father has been giving Jen paintings for years and all it took was a little bit of paint on the walls and new frames to make them fit right in!

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Friday Favorites: Tania's Pair of Chairs

In this week's Friday Favorites, we visit with Tania, a freelance medical writer and mother of two boys. We join Tania in her home to learn more about how she turned a pair of hand-me-down chairs into a vibrant focal point for her own home.

The chairs in their original state

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Getting Started: Art Prints

My house is full of empty walls.

We moved into the house a year and a half ago but we’ve put up very little on the walls. It’s not that there’s no decor at all. Just very little. We’ve got a great engineering print of the Golden Gate Bridge (which we have yet to hang). We’ve got some lovely prints of photographs my sister took.  But really, it’s not what you’d call a well considered collection. I’ve been trying to rectify that by dipping my toe into the art world. So how does an art novice do it? Check out my tips below...


L to R: Grey Abyss by Karen Iwachow, Into by Mark Warren Jacques, Vine Ave by Jaime Hoigge, Missing by Karina Eibatova.
All via Mammoth Collection

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