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Traditional Home's Designer Hot Spots

If you follow us on social media (Facebook & Twitter) you saw us get pretty excited recently about our inclusion in a fantastic round-up in Traditional Home’s online magazine. Our good friend and design blogger, Tamara Matthews-Stephenson of Nest by Tamara, contacted us a while back and asked our where is our go-to spot for great design finds. 

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Brimfield Antiques Show - May 2012

The Brimfield Antique and Collectibles Show is the (self-proclaimed) largest, outdoor, antiques show in the world. It is held in Brimfield, MA, three times per year usually around Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day. It attracts more than 130,000 people per show who come and buy almost anything you can dream of as sold by 6,000 dealers. The show began in the 1950’s and has garnered a cult-like following among decorators, collectors, celebrities and more!

It sure was...


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Antiques: What Is Valuable and How to Tell

If you are like me, then you might have inherited a thing or two. I am lucky enough to hail from a family that collected antiques and a grandmother who owned a gift shop that was "the bridal registry of choice" in my small Southern town. So even before I got married, I was already full of collections - china, music boxes, books, silver, jewelry, furniture and so on.

 Some of my sliver collection. It's important to store silver in an appropriate storage case or felt bags. Also, all true silver should be appraised and added onto your home owners insurance.

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Deco Book Club: Meeting #4

After a brief summer hiatus, our deco book club had another meeting of the minds. We have all been on a huge decorating kick with so much activity it’s really quite impressive. As you may recall, we have been using Jill VegasSpeed Decorating to guide us through our non-traditional book club. Each month we are tackling different projects in our home trying to refine our décor into a more suitable individual style.


This month we were proud to show off so many of our accomplishments and parlay our successes into more momentum! Custom carpets were made, paint colors were decided, new fabrics were selected, old belongings were curated and curtains were hung. All-in-all we were super pleased with ourselves.


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Friday Favorites: Carla's Antique Bulter's Desk

And we’re back with every body's favorite column, Friday Favorites, after a brief hiatus last week while we were “on location” in New Orleans. Not only were we lucky enough to attend a great conference while we were there but we had the good fortune of peaking into the fabulous Southern home of Carla too! Read on as we take a look into Carla’s house to see what her favorite piece of furniture is from her superb collection of antiques.

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