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What's on Your Bookshelf?

Maybe you’re like me and you’re a design enthusiast. Maybe you’re like me and you follow tons of design blogs which cover fabulous minimalist, modern, Scandinavian furniture but your home actually looks like a 1950s ranch. What about blogs by enormously creative photographers who craft images you could only dream of creating yourself? Or maybe you’re like me and you buy way too much Scandinavian glassware thanks to your best friend from high school. Okay, maybe not that last one. My point is this: are you, as someone recently put it, a closet design junkie? and maybe with a growing photography habit?

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Wordless Wednesday: Picture Winter, Day 5

Intended for Everyday Use: How about really paying attention to what we use, eat, look at every single day, without fail. Decide on one of the many pieces of our everyday puzzle and get to know it a little better.  Showcase it in your photo today and give it the recognition and appreciation it deserves.



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My Home Design Goals for 2011

This is the year. My family has lived in our 100-year-old house for three years. It is time to decorate it, personalize it, edit it, and make it our home. Our home is filled with many, many, many items: new, old, antiques, hand-made, store-bought, handed-down, gifted and inherited. But how do I know what is trash and what is treasure. Paralyzed with fear in making a choice, ANY choice, I have done nothing. But with the encouragement of my HiTH partner Mae, I enrolled in an Interior Design 101 class. It is there where I learned the “tricks of the trade” and I was introduced to concepts, literature, and experts that have helped me understand my style, my aesthetic, and the possibilities. It is safe to say I am no longer scared of making a choice and the excitement of choosing has manifested itself in creating this blog!

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My One Little Word

It was not my idea to start a blog.

I always thought it would be a neat thing to do but never really thought it was very me. It was just outside of my comfort zone so I did not do it. Thankfully, I have a friend who could see this opportunity and convince me to do it. You see, it is not my nature to do things outside of my comfort zone. And yet, I know that it s on that edge (and beyond) where the really fun and exciting things can happen. So when I learned of the One Little Word, I knew it had to be about pushing those boundaries and moving forward. About recognizing these things that I want to do and learn and taking action. About seeing the potential on others (my family, my friends) and doing what I can to support them on their own journeys. So what's my one little word, you ask?

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January = A Clean Slate

When I think of January my heart does a pitter-patter. After a fall and winter that has been chocked full of holidays, festivals, and celebrations, I yearn for some down time to spend at home. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE December (in fact it is my favorite month of the year). But yet, once December has come and gone, I hate it for all of the clutter it brings into my life. January is quite, white, new and slow. It has no obligations where you ignore your true priorities. January is clean.

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