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Creative Types: Lighting Designer Palmer Earley

It's time to revisit a favorite feature: Creative Types (a highlight of different artistic people and the work they create). Today's feature belongs to the Four Hands lighting designer, Palmer Earley. I had the delight of meeting Palmer while I was at the Las Vegas Market. Our hosts scheduled a tour of the Four Hands showroom and instantly my eyes went wild over the lighting. Imagine my delight when we bumped into the lighting designer and put a cherry on top when he was so much fun to talk to and to hear talk about his fantastic creations. It was a treat and like most treats I get, I knew I had to share. Read on to fall in love with Palmer and his fab, Four Hands lighting creations.

What inspires you as a designer? Travel! I love the movement and constant change of scenery. The desire to bring home influences of what I ve seen is truly what drives the vision. Right now my favorite light is the, Akordian Two light (right) which was modeled after old French elevator doors. I love the original scissor hinge, but to truly represent the design and engineering of that beautiful elevator, the light needed to actually move up and down.

If not a lighting designer, what would you have considered being? I actually considered everything else before doing this! I ve always been creative, I worked in a film production for years before I started designing anything. I was fortunate enough to be able to live where I wanted (LA, NY, London). It was during that time I really started focusing on interiors and design. It would be years later that I learned how to design something and have it made. Considering all other professions actually help me fall in love with being a lighting designer.

What does a typical work day like for you? That s a trick question, there s very few typical days! This year I haven't been home longer than four weeks at a time. We're either designing product, setting up a showroom, at a market or spending time with a factory.

What inspires you? The people I work with. Matthew Briggs (CEO and President of Four Hands) has developed one of the most creatively supportive environments I could ever imagine. We have world renown designer, Thomas Bina, creating his signature line. Anna Ogden, who runs the Product Development team, is constantly first to market with incredibly successful designs from her global trek. I could go on and on, it s definitely the people I work with.


What are your favorite books or resources on art, style and design?

  • Architectural Digest- Under the new leadership of Margaret Russell, I have never been more impressed and inspired with the pages of that magazine.
  • Elle Decor- great trade resource for design inspiration and Four Hands has a great relationship with Parker Bowie (Elle Decor's market editor).
  • House Beautiful- a great consumer driven magazine that features every room in a home. I like the How To's and Best Of articles and we love Orli and Samantha!

List three blogs you frequent and are inspired by?


What's one thing you will always splurge on? Art (and wine); o my God, what have I become?

What's playing on your iPod currently? Kaiser Chiefs, an amazing band from Austin called Lance Herbstrong, and a very cool new band from England called Spector.

How would you describe your personal style? Super cute with a hint of sophistication! Kidding! I m not really sure how to answer that since I prefer old jeans, t-shirt and flip flops. Having said that, I would describe my style as: waiting to go to the beach.

What is your most prized possession? My wedding ring! My incredible wife, Jan, took me to a metal class she was enrolled in. Together we made my wedding band out of white gold and she inscribed it later. I'm pretty sure it's the best looking wedding band ever.


And that, people, is why he was one of the most liked designers we all met while at Las Vegas Market. Don't you just love him! Creative, funny and so personable all balled up with tons of talent. It's nice to see someone's personality come through in their work so clearly. I can't wait to see more!


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