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Earmarked: Rain Barrel

Rain, rain go away... It's been pretty wet and soggy around here lately. But I thank goodness that it wasn't snow and that it's a sign of the coming spring. I've been thinking a lot about my garden and what I want to do differently this year. One of those things is using a rain barrel which harvests rainwater falling through your gutters. You can then use this to water your plants, containers and even your lawn, if you've gathered enough. Practically Green, where you can develop detailed and easy-to-achieve action plans for greening your lifestyle, writes:

"Using less water allows more water to stay in the ground or in a reservoir, which helps to maintain a natural water balance, support wildlife, and preserve water for future use. If you live in a place where it rains a lot, there may still be a water shortage. Even in areas that don't technically have droughts or even water restrictions, concerns are rising that there may not be enough clean water to support population and water growth due to reduced mountain snow pack. At least 36 states expect water shortages in the next five years."

We've been adding some new plants to our long-neglected yard so I've found myself doing a lot of hand-watering to help establish their roots. I'd love to be able to put all that rainwater to use and reduce some of our use of the public water supply. But, because I am who I am, I would really rather have a beautiful rain barrel and not just those brown or green plastic ones. The RC-1, from the 365 product line by Hero Design Lab, debuted at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in 2009 and still remains one of the better looking options on the market. 


The collector holds up to 45 gallons of water in a phlalate-free collapsible bladder. The brass spigot is positioned 17 inches off the ground for easy access with your watering can. The RC-1 is available at Bobby Berk Home.

(via Re-Nest)

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