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Friday Favorites: Laura's Family Gathering Place

Thanks for coming back for our weekly column, Friday Favorites. This week’s visit takes us to the home of Laura, creator and founder of babybites, the place for moms and expecting moms to network, socialize and be part of a supportive community. Read on to see why her living room is not just her own success but a win for her whole family.


Why is your living room your favorite room?
Because it was an empty room for two years. I basically kept boxes in it! Now that it’s finally done, it’s such a pleasure to see. We love it so much that every night now, my whole family comes in here. We put on the fire, [the kids] get a game or other activity and we all hang out here from after dinner until bedtime. I think because it was the only room that wasn’t done for so long it’s just more special to us.


Why was the room left empty for so long?
Before I did this room, I found the process in general overwhelming: where do i start? what do I do? So I ignored the whole issue. I need to wait until I’m ready to do something before it gets done. All of a sudden one day it hit me. And once I was ready, I was ready.


Where did you go for inspiration?
Mostly on the internet and also magazines and catalogs like House Beautiful, Crate & Barrel, West Elm, Home Decorators. Definitely tons of those. I wasn’t sure of my own style but I know what I like and I’m good at copying. If you see a room in a magazine that you love then just copy it!



So, do you have a favorite part of the room?
I love the fireplace and the couch. I never had a fireplace growing up so to me it’s just so typically American: the family and the fire. [The family room] used to be our focal room but now it’s this one. We’re all excited about this room and the fire. Of course, once it’s the summer that might change. We won’t be here in front of the fire because we’ll be outside!


How did you get started on the couch and the rest of the room?
When I was doing this room, I had already picked out the paint color and the window shades. Once I knew I was going to do this myself, I looked on websites for a long time to see what I liked. I found that I liked the color combination of blues, reds and cream. So I decided to get one piece that’s red and one that’s light blue. There were some [furniture pieces] in really strong reds and blues - even turquoise! - online. It looks so funky but I didn’t want anything quite so dramatic here. I don’t like an ultra-modern look. I like more of a traditional-slash-modern look. 



I looked at Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Restoration Hardware - all the typical places but it had to be a specific size for the space. I found this couch [at Crate & Barrel] and then the fabric pattern. I have to be honest, I thought it was going to be more red! It turned out to be more orange-ish but I like it. Then I picked out the armchairs because they were the light blue. [The urn and bamboo] I saw at Heather’s apartment [Heather Ouida, Laura’s business partner in kiddybites]. It was so great to be able to see it in person to be sure that I liked it. I knew that I needed something in the corner and it just semed to fit. 

Do your husband and kids know how much you like this room? Do they like it as much as you?
Yes and yes. This is the special room. After dinner, my daughter and I have our special time together in here doing workbooks and stuff like that. And after that, we all hang out for an hour or so until bedtime.



The work that you’ve done in your living room, is it for the long-term?
Yes, especially because I just got it done! I envision redoing rooms slowly over time. It really is a long-term project and each thing you do enhances it. Next I’m planning on doing the hallway and then it’s my bedroom and then it’s the dining room. By the time I make it back to this room, I’ll probably be 80 yrs old! So yes, I envision that this is for the long run!


Tell us about your house. How long have you been in it and why did you choose it?
We’ve been here for two and a half years. The one thing that my husband and I loved that was so important to us was the kitchen with the family room connected. So when we walked in and saw this one, it was just what we were looking for. Not only that, it had just about everything else we were looking for: a finished basement, four bedrooms, the door that opens to the backyard. The only thing that it didn’t have was the two-car driveway but we fixed that. Oh, and my husband really wants a level backyard but I told him he’ll never have that. Do you know how much that costs?!



Please complete the phrase, “Here in this house...”
...We play. We hang. We cuddle. We have a very happy family.


Thanks so much, Laura, for letting us into your home. We wish you and your whole family many peaceful nights to come in front of that fireplace.



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    Friday Favorites: Laura's Family Gathering Place - Home - Here in This House

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