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Creative Types: Tyler Wisler, Interior Designer & All-Around Star

Once upon a time, we found ourselves at this fabulous soiree as part of the DDB Fall Market and saw this ever-so stylish and handsome man, Tyler. Being the shoe fanatics that we were, we were immediately drawn to his fabulous shoes! Then we started talking and we couldn’t get enough!!!

So we get home, continue our chatter over Twitter and come to find out this fantastic guy is none other than Tyler Wisler! If you don’t know Tyler, well here is a bit about him: HGTV’s Design Star finalist, newest OpenSky curator (his sale launches next week), FAB interior designer and most importantly husband and father. We’ve been fast-friends ever since and had a great time at his OpenSky Pop-Up Shop party last night in Manhattan. Read on to learn more about what makes this star so super!

What inspires you as an designer?

Everything! I know that sounds like a complete cop out of an answer, but it's so true!  I can walk down the street, and see the way the street grates are creating a wonderful visual pattern, or look down at the freshly fallen leaves, and indulge in the array of colors, or sift through the random assortment of artwork my son brings home from kindergarten, and think how wonderful it is to be so free an unstructured in his use of textures and materials.

What does a typical work day like for you?

I'm so thankful being a designer in this respect as my day is never the same, which I kind of love. One day I'm working on space planning and combining two or three apartments, the next day I could be on-site for a custom cabinet install then off to the D&D Building to scheme some fabrics and wallcoverings, the next day I could be sourcing stone and tile, and trying to figure out the square footage amounts needed, then the rest of the week I could just be buzzing around the city on the hunt for the the ideal blend of accessories to really make the space sing! I love my job!

If not an designer, what would you have considered being?

This is the cheesiest answer, but I would totally love to be on Broadway!  Your question was what I would consider being, I'd consider it until I realized that there's no way anyone would want to listen to me butchering a perfectly lovely song. After that I'd love to be a Victoria Secret’s Angel; they look like they're pretty happy with their lives.  Hehehehe...


What is your best advice for an up & coming designer?

Believe in your talents, and stand up for your vision. Remember at the end of the day, the client hires you for your expertise as a designer, not just to be a purchasing agent. Don't let them lead the conversations on design. A client's input is a necessity and invaluable, because of course at the end of the day, they are living there, but know your talent is what should be tapped into as the main source of creativity.

What is your favorite project you've worked on or been a part of?

One of my most memorable projects was for a gentleman living in a one-bedroom rental apartment in Manhattan for longer than I've been alive. When I first went to his place it was straight out of the 70's, but in a bad way. There was a circular suede sofa, with a round Formica cocktail table, illuminated by an Arc lamp in the living room, while the bedroom was rocking the thick brown shag carpet which actually wrapped the "well" the mattress sunk into. Yeah, got the visual? Creepy. What's worse is he was a hoarder, like bad. There was barely any visible floor space, with floor to ceiling stacks of newspapers, going back probably over twenty years.

So renovated the apartment, and gave it a clean, contemporary new look, at which the owner swore he'd never go back to the way he was, right...

I needed to return to the apartment some months later, and walked in the door to the apartment exactly the way it was left! He opened the door and proudly showed me the current day's paper and another one neatly placed under it. Grinning ear to ear he said, "Tyler aren't you proud of me?! I had a problem, but look!" I seriously got choked up.

List three blogs you frequent and are inspired by?

I honestly love to indulge in the creative world's blogs, but in the world of fashion! I just think fashion is such an amazing field, that is so foreign to me, that I really admire it, and get such inspiration from, that I'm a bit obsessed. So I LOVE Nicola Formichetti's Blog, Tommy Ton's Jak and Jil Blog, and well come on now Duh...

How would you describe your personal style?

Personal style... huh. It's kind of always evolving, but I guess right now it's like if John Varvatos, G-Star Raw and All Saints got together made a baby, it would be me... I do rock jeans 95% of the time, and just pair that with simple structured pieces, that are effortless but still show some style.  I think using accessories is the most important part of an outfit though.  You can dress things up, down or turn into something completely different with small touches... Much like the appropriate accessories transforming a space!  Oh, and I can't forget my favorite accessory, my hair!  Guys tend to overlook it, but it can make or break a look:)


What’s one thing you will always splurge on?

The one thing I tend not to care about the price of is clothing and shoes for my son. He is the most perfect little man, and I want him to look and feel just like what my husband and I think of him. So it's probably not the wisest thing, as he doesn't usually wear things for more than a 6 month period since he's constantly growing, but I think the minor investment in him is worth it!

What is your most prized possession?

After that last question I would say my son's wardrobe... hehehe... just kidding. I don't know that I have a prized possession, as possessions are just things. The world that I live in as a high-end interior designer is just surrounded by things, that are beautiful and wonderful, but at the end of the day if you're not happy with yourself it's just stuff. My most prized possession would be my family. Without the love and support of my husband and son there's not too much else to look forward to. I'm lucky in the fact that I have them!


Who are your style icons?

Style icons... oooohhhh, there are a lot of people I look to.  Alexander McQueen is/was a genius! I'm in love with the design team of Roman and Williams. Jamie Drake is phenomenal.  Nate Berkus is everything I want to be. NYC is a style icon unto itself. I gravitate to people who in the most general sense think outside of the box. I like when people push the envelope, that's inspirational to me.


When we say Tyler is a doll, that is an understatement. He is one of the brightest lights in the design industry right now. His energy, talent and attitude are all fantastic. Watch him closely... he's going places!
** All photos provided by Tyler Wisler.

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    Creative Types: Tyler Wisler, Interior Designer & All-Around Star - Home - Here in This House
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    Creative Types: Tyler Wisler, Interior Designer & All-Around Star - Home - Here in This House

Reader Comments (2)

What lovely post :) you are so spot on about Tyler...a bright Light for sure !!! And a brilliant designer!

November 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDesign Thoughts ~ Kim

What a great interview with Tyler!!! So excited about his new venture and learning what inspires him!

xo Elizabeth

November 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterPretty Pink Tulips

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