Hiring a babysitter is becoming a challenge – how to overcome it

Being a parent is not the easiest job in the world. It comes with a lot of happy moments, but also with some problems you have to deal with. Having children means that you are the person in charge of their health and you are the one who must take care of them responsibly. If you have a job that requests your full attention and a lot of hours a day, then maybe you should consider looking for somebody else to take care of your children while you are not there. It sounds good, right? But it is not that easy. You can choose to leave your children with a relative or with a friend saving some money this way or, if your children are old enough, you can think about taking them to a kindergarten.

Considering ALL your options


Before taking any important decision for your children’s life think twice. Think about your free time, think about what you want for them, think about what you need for them. You can always go for a babysitter if any other option does not welcome you, but deciding to hire a babysitter is a great responsibility so you have to consider asking for help from a nanny agency such as Rock My Baby London. You do not want to leave your own children with a person who is not reliable. Speaking about how should that person be, this is up to you, but there are some important characteristics we think you should look for.


Making a checklist of attributes


  • Trustworthy – that person you are looking to hire for taking care of your children must show you that you can go do your job and have no worries regarding your house and your children. She must make herself trusted!
  • She has to love children – you are giving all of you to your children so this means that the person who will be taking care of them must love your children as her own in the time they are spending together. You must look for a person who loves children!
  • Patience – this is not a quality to neglect. You know how solicitant having a baby can be. Therefore, the nanny should always be calm and never lose her cool when confronted with problems. Think about all the “whys” you hear in a day and then choose the person you think will be able to replace you.


Final recommendations


In the end, it is not important with whom you decide you leave your children, being it a relative, a friend or a professional nanny, but it is compulsory to know that person well, to be able to trust him/her and to assure yourself that he/she can manage difficult and stressful situations. It is also important to ask for a second opinion if there is this certain person you would like to hire but you are not 100% sure. Having a child gave you a responsibility, raising him makes you assume it.

Think twice, ask for help, ask for a second opinion, then wisely choose the person you are about to let her raise your children.


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