Elegant Dishwashers that Add a Touch of Style to Your Kitchen

Nowadays, a dishwasher has become a must-have kitchen appliance. It is true that it is extremely useful, especially for people who have children and are busy most of the times. In case you don’t yet have a machine like this, but you want to get one, have a look at the following elegant dishwashers that will certainly add a touch of style to your kitchen.

Bosch Ascenta Series SHX3AR75UC

If you are wondering who makes the best dishwasher, you should know that according to most dishwasher reviews, Bosch is the most trustworthy dishwasher manufacturer. The Bosch Ascenta Series SHX3AR75UC doesn’t only make a good job, but it also looks absolutely fantastic. Its stainless steel exterior is elegant, and the design composed of straight lines is amazing. Therefore, Bosch Ascenta will certainly change the whole aspect of your kitchen. Moreover, it comes with clever features such as six wash cycles, sanitize option, a big storage space, and a child lock function. Bosch Ascenta is quite expensive, but it definitely worth the money. You will certainly be happy with a machine like this, due to the fact that it will clean and disinfect your dishes at the same time, and it will also look incredible in your kitchen.

Siemens SN65M031GB

With Siemens SN65M031GB, you will certainly don’t have to worry about dirty dishes anymore. This amazing unit comes with features like rinse aid indicator, pre-rinse option, adjustable shelves, delay timer, glass care, hydro sensor, anti-leak sensor, and five wash cycles. In case you have children, then this product is perfect for you due to the fact that it has a child safety lock. Furthermore, with elegant shapes it won’t go unnoticed. Unlike other products in its category, it comes with a wood exterior imitation, and it can easily be incorporated into your kitchen furniture. You won’t need to worry about energy costs because Siemens SN65M031GB is energy efficient. Manufacturers give us a two-year warranty, which is great, in comparison with other units that only have 1-year warranty.

LG TrueSteam LDF8072ST

You will be surprised how quiet LG TrueSteam can be. It is perfect for a big family, due to the fact that it has plenty of storage space. It can actually load up to 15 place settings into a single load, which is absolutely fantastic. LG TrueSteam also comes with 7 washing cycles, in order to meet all of your needs. No matter how dirty your dishes will be, this unit will easily and efficiently clean them, due to its three spray arms. This is without any doubt, one of the most elegant dishwashers that will add a touch of style to your kitchen.

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