DIY Living Room Decoration Ideas

For all those who like to unwind after a hard day of work by making cute DIY projects, or who like to spend their weekends thinking of new and fun interior decor ideas, the following DIY living room decorating ideas will surely be a pleasant surprise. Read them in order to find out how you can make the most important room of the house where you relax everyday and where you stay when guests are over, meaning the living room, into an even more beautiful and welcoming place.

Honeycomb shelves

The best DIY living room design ideas are those which maximize the available space. If you’re in need of some extra storage space in your living room, you shouldn’t go out to buy new shelves, because there is a much cheaper and creative way to have shelves made by yourself.
The best looking DIY shelves you could make for your living room are the honeycomb shelves. Don’t panic, because they are very easy to build, meaning that you don’t have to be a craftsman to create them.
If you have a very colorful living room, you can turn these shelves in any color you like by painting them, and you can rest assured that everyone will be impressed by your beautiful work after you have mounted them on the wall.

Crate coffee table

All it takes to make your own crate coffee table is a piece of plywood and four wooden crates. This is a better design idea than to spend hundreds of dollars on a coffee table that will eventually go out of style.
When you piece the crates together, make sure to leave the empty part of at least two of the crates sticking out to use it as a place where you can deposit the remote, books, or anything that you would normally put underneath the coffee table.

Song lyric wall art

Every living room must have at least one piece of art hanging from the wall, and if you do the piece yourself it’s even better, because paintings normally cost a load of money.
If you aren’t a painter, it’s clear that you won’t be able to fill the room with professional paintings that you made, but you can make song lyric wall art easily by sticking the words to a canvas and hanging it up. By doing this, you not only fill the walls with the much needed pieces of art, but you get to admire the lyrics to the songs that inspire you everyday.

Painted bottle vases

Using common decorations as splashes of color is one of the best interior decor ideas. Every living room has at least one vase filled with beautiful flowers at all times. To make the vase as spectacular as the flowers it’s holding, don’t go out spending hundreds of dollars on somethings that will inevitably break if you kick it accidentally, because there is an inexpensive solution to making your own beautiful vase.
This can be achieved by taking empty glass bottles or jars you have around the house, and with the use of leftover paint you have lying around you can create any pattern that comes to mind on them. By doing this you can be sure that no one else has the same awesome and colorful vase you have, and you can imprint your personality on it.

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