Deluxe student accommodation – what to expect

Student accommodation is commonly associated with affordability and limited amenities, mostly because most students do not have the means to afford higher standards. However, not everyone wants to compromise on comfort in their five years of college, so they are willing to spend extra money for a better location and extra amenities. Deluxe student accommodation Bloomsbury is a fantastic option for those who have a good financial condition or students in their final year who have earned some savings. Here are the things that you can expect from this type of accommodation and how they can make your student life more pleasant.

Larger rooms with more amenities

The average student room is pictured as a small, cramped space, often with bunk beds and shared kitchen and bathroom. However, deluxe accommodation is anything but small. For example, a studio can have as much as 30 square metres, which is more than enough for a single person. In addition to this, you get your own kitchen and bathroom. Such rooms are usually in special houses made especially for students, so you will live with people of the same age, but in better conditions. Some accommodation providers even go as far as to set up special cinemas and courtyards on the property. Needless to say, you get all the furniture you need, along with flat screen TV, laundry facilities and Internet.

Good location

Location is very important during college, because you want to get to lectures on time and also we close to shops, supermarkets, restaurants and nightlife. Deluxe student accommodation providers are aware of these requirements, so they offer houses in central or well-connected areas. So, in the worst case, even if you won’t be exactly near your desired destination, you will have s bus or underground station nearby so you can get there quickly.

Bigger room variety

One of the biggest issues with regular student housing is that all rooms are standard and you have no variety whatsoever. Premium accommodation, on the other hand, is different. Not only can you choose the size of room you want, but also have a say in its amenities and style. For a bigger price tag, you can get an option that matches your needs and personal preferences.

Security and professional on-site management

Deluxe accommodation providers go the extra mile to ensure that students and their belongings are secure at all times, so they invest in security systems. These include fire alarms, fire extinguishers, surveillance cameras and security guards. In addition, each property has a well organised and professional management team that ensures all things run smoothly. This way, you will always have someone to talk to in case you encounter any issues.

All in all, deluxe student accommodation is not something that everyone to afford, but, if you do not like standards living conditions and you would like to enjoy more comfort and variety during your college years, the investment is definitely worth it.

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