Create a simple living room with black and white ribbons

The living room is the most important room of a house, because it is the place where you spend the most of your time, either by your own, or together with your family and friends. When you want to spend a family night, nothing is more amazing than staying on the couch and seeing a movie in the living room. Also, you have to realise that this is the most visible room of the house, because every person who visits you, will enter it, so you have to consider all the details when decorating it. The first thing you should do would be to purchase black and white ribbons, because they are simple and affordable accessories, which will help you, redecorate the living room on a budget.

Consider the furniture

Before starting to redecorate, you have to take a thorough look at the room and see which furniture items should be removed. You should know that from time to time you have to remove some decorations as cushions and paintings, because they look old and used, and they ruin the whole aspect of the room. Also, when you have in mind creating a simple room, you have to remove all the objects that might clutter it. You can start with the carpet, which does not have to occupy the whole area of the floor. Buy a new one in a simple colour, and place it in the middle of the room, under the coffee table and sofa.

Transform the look of the room

Because you do not want to spend too much money on this transformation, you should do by yourself all the modifications. For example, if you consider that the cushions are still good to use, but you do not like their look, you can use black and white ribbons to create a geometric patterned model on the sheets. The next step would be to transform the look of the curtains, which you can only tie with a ribbon bow, made from more stripes of black and white ribbon, for a more elegant look. In case you have sewing skills, you can use black and white ribbon to customise their top or bottom. You can simply sew the ribbon by alternating the colours, or you can create different shapes from ribbon. You can add ribbon even on the sofa’s sides, in case its fabric allows you, because it will create the impression of having a new furniture item.

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