Common mistakes made when dealing with indoor mould


Indoor mould is one of the most common problems that many people deal with. It usually appears in damp places that are not properly ventilated and many people try to handle this problem themselves, as opposed to hiring professional mould cleaners Toronto. However, by trying to clean the mould themselves they can actually do more damage than good. Here are the most common mistakes that most people do when trying to clean their mould:

They use biocides

Sure, at first it may seem like a good solution, as it will in fact kill the mould. The problem is that even though the mould spores are dead, they still retain the same toxins and therefore pose the same health problems they did before. Applying biocides on the indoor mould is not a complete solution to your problem, because it does not solve the potential health hazard brought by this problem.

Trying to dry out mould

Even though removing the source of the wetness may seem like a sensible solution, this action is not advised in all situations. By drying out its food sources, some types of mould actually aerosolize in the search of a new environment. This way you end up with mould spores in the air you breathe and you may have even more problems with your asthma or your allergies. While in its wet state the mould stays in one place, once it starts to dry out, aerosolizing is a natural reaction and soon enough you may discover you are dealing with the same type of mould in a different part of the house.

Disturbing it in any way

When you try to clean or dry the mould, you will inadvertently release mould spores into the atmosphere, spores that you and your family will later inhale and that will lead to all sorts of medical problems. In addition, you should avoid demolishing anything that has mould on it such as drywall or building materials before the situation is assessed by a specialist in the field.

So how do I handle a mould situation in my home?

The best thing that you can do is call a team of professional mould cleaners. They will test the mould and determine what type it is and afterwards, take the appropriate measures. They have the proper products and safe methods of removing mould, so that you won’t have to deal with this problem anytime soon.

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