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Founded in 2011, Here in This House is an outlet for the creative and artistic pursuits we bring into our house. It is a place to chronicle our discoveries, to save ideas for the future (or for others to make use of), and to talk about the things that we make and do. We created this blog with the belief that others share our interest, our sense of aesthetic, and the desire to converse about these things with a likeminded community.




In my house you will find an eclectic collection of furnishings and decor. My almost 100-year-old house has been lived in but not loved. It’s was time for me to change that. When we started this blog in 2011, I was intent on learning how to make this house a home with some help from my friend, Mae, who is also in the same mindset. We share a desire to learn how the design world does what they do and then do it in our homes.

A little about me: I’m a married mom of two young girls. We live together in this four-bedroom house where I have many, many jobs (including some that pay the bills). But my main job is keeper of the house which includes a bit of a responsibility to make this place a home that welcomes and appeals to all who enter (most importantly my immediate brood). My interior design training comes from years of living in an antebellum world and a smattering of design classes.

A little more about me: I like exclamation points (!!!) and use them often; food rules my day; taking photos of my girls is a favorite hobby of mine (yet I never print them); I’m a Francophile; music lyrics run through my head with every phrase I speak; and old homes have a soft place in my heart.



Photo by Rachel Matthews (A Southern Fairytale)I am an enigma…

Okay, I’m not so dramatic as an enigma. It’s just that I’m many things in one.  Design and fashion enthusiast. Photographer-in-training.  Transplanted Californian. Amateur gardener. Foodie. Mom. Me.

About two years ago, I left my professional life in California and moved cross-country to devote myself to the amorphous and ever-changing task of raising of my two wonderful kids and settling into our new-to-us home. We bought this 1950s split-level from a woman who had raised her family here – and it showed (hello pink- and gray-tiled bathroom!).  So now I am tasked with updating the place -- piece by piece, room by room -- to suit my family’s needs and my aesthetic.

I’ve always taken an interest in design and worked in retail/fashion industry, albeit on the business side. With prodding from my good friend, Elise, I’m trying to immerse myself in my creative side. Now I’m on a self-improvement kick to better myself, my family, my friends and my community. This blog for me is another step in that journey. Won’t you come along with me?