A few aspects that every student should take into consideration

When you are a student and you have to go studying in Newcastle, there are a lot of things that you should take into consideration in order to have a good management of your time and money, especially because you cannot take a job because you have to go to classes. This is the reason why we made you a list with some of the most important aspects and here they are.

Find yourself a good student accommodation


This means that you have to take care of a few aspects. The most important of all is not letting yourself influenced only by the price and think about comfort. Try to be careful when it comes to details like the gas central heating or the size of the rooms, especially if you have to share them with someone els. And if you don’t know where you can find the best place to live, try to look for “student accommodation Newcastle” on the Internet and you will find the best results.


Moreover, it is very important to notice the area where the house or the apartment is located. You should find something safe and in case you feel uncomfortable, you should ask for burglar alarm. Also, a good idea is to buy a security lock for your bedroom, especially if you live with strangers. Another important aspect which should be taken into consideration is the upfront rent. But don’t believe that it represents a general rule. There are persons who don’t ask you to pay the rent in advance.

Be careful when you choose your apartment mate


There are a lot of persons who seem nice and friendly at the beginning, but who prove to be difficult to live with. Try to make a list with the rules that everybody should respect, such as: “always locking the upfront door”, “always cleaning the place where you eat” and so on. On the other hand make sure that everybody knows how much he or she has to pay for the rent or other similar spending. And if you feel like you cannot live with someone, it’s better to start looking for something else as soon as possible in order to avoid conflicts.

Don’t forget to ask for permission


When you intend to make some renovations, such as changing the colour of the wall, it’s highly recommended to ask for the permission of the apartment owner first. And make sure you read the contract carefully because if you change something which is not specified in the contract, he or she can consider it damage and ask you to pay for it.

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