4 places around the house favorable for mold growth

Even though it might be hard to believe, mold comes with a series of bad things that do nothing else but cause serious health affections. The moment you see mold in your house it is mandatory to call in for experts. In order to prevent affecting the health of your entire family, it needs to be removed from the very beginning. For this reason, it is highly important to look for companies that provide mold removal services Calgary and ask for their help. Even though you might thing that this can be solved with some homemade removal techniques, it is recommended to resort to professional services to eliminate any doubt that mold is still present in your house. Below are the four most common places for mold installation.


Those people who have big houses usually have big basements too. Most of these basements are sub terrain, because all those things that are kept there need to stay in a cool place and away from direct sunlight. However, these factors are some of those who help mold install in your house. Basements are usually humid places, where air circulation is not the best one, and all elements that create damp environments offer the perfect conditions for mold installation, not to mention the fact that frequent flood only makes this worse.


Kitchens are another place perfect for mold growth, because there is a high level of humidity and condensation caused by cooking. Moisture helps mold and mildew make from your kitchen the perfect home for their spores. A not-so-clean environment is also a favorable place for mold, because these spores get their food from various cellulose materials and their water from the high level of humidity that is present in the room.


Bathrooms are similar to kitchens in the sense that this place also has a high level of humidity and moisture. When using the shower, and in most cases it is used even more than once a day, humidity level increases significantly. Because of this high amount of water in such a small space, there are high chances that the bathroom might not even return to appropriate humidity levels too soon.


Last but not least, attics are the fourth common place for mold installation in a house. If the house is not properly insulated, it is easier for the moisture that already exists at the lower levels of the house to rise and actually to become trapped in the attic, thus making mold growth only a matter of time until it becomes visible and expands to the entire house.

How to prevent mold growth

In order to prevent mold installation you need to bear in mind several things. It is highly important to have a proper ventilation system installed in order to help your house breathe. It is also advisable to open windows especially in the kitchen the moment you are cooking, because in this case even though you might have a ventilation system it might simply not be enough to get moisture out of the room. Keep your house dry and clean as much as possible.

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